Transformers Fall of Cybertron Demo Impression

If you’ve read my article on my favorite Transformer games, you wont be surprised that I played the newly released demo of High Moon Studios Transformers Fall of Cybertron as soon as I was able. Bottom line; I freaking loved it! It is going to be a long wait until August 21.

I played it first on the Xbox 360 and later on, tried out the PS3 version. Instead of writing it all out, I wanted to do something special seeing as how this is Transformers were talking about here. Included here is the first part of my hands on experience with Transformers Fall of Cybertron. The first level, Exodus, picks up right where the previous game left off and has the player take control of Autobot Bumblebee. I just want to point out that I used to like Bumblebee a lot in the 80’s but I’m not a fan of the new silent Bumblebee. I guess it’s not a bad thing though, there were times when you just wanted him to shut up.

Anyway, if you would, please join me in the first of my three part video series as I take a look at just what Transformers Fall of Cybertron has to offer players when it is released on August 21.


Update 8/4/2012

Here’s a link to Part 2 in case you just want to jump right to it!

If you want to skip to the multiplayer, check out Part 3!

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