The Best Part of Borderlands 2 Isn’t Even On the Disc

Gearbox Software is preparing to drop the follow-up to their shooter RPG lootfest Borderlands on us very, very soon. Dubbed Borderlands 2, we’ve been promised a host of new weapons, enemies, story elements, and character classes.

With a return to all the conventions that made the original Borderlands so great, it’s quickly shaping up to be everything fans could ask for out of a sequel.

And yeah, I’m playing it. And yeah, you’d better believe I’m pumped.

But despite all of the awesome features we can expect from Borderlands 2, I’m still convinced that the best part about the game isn’t even on the initial release copy.

So, what exactly is it?

Gearbox has already announced that they will be adding in an additional character class as post-release DLC.

The DLC will feature the Mechromancer, a female half-human, half-machine class with the special ability of controlling the D374-TP robot in combat.

While she may look a bit like Avril Lavigne from hell, I’m pretty convinced that the Mechromancer could be the coolest class in any Borderlands game. True, it’s a fact that I am a sucker for powerful female characters, but imagine what sort of effect the Mechromancer could have in combat with the control of a robot nicknamed “Deathtrap”. I’m going to to ahead and make the safe bet that we can count on some heavy artillery coming from our mechanical friend. And as we all know, ‘splosions make a good game even better. Sometimes.

I’d love to see the skill trees and level upgrades for the Mechromancer centered around the power as well. Imagine being able to customize the robot’s abilities, firepower, and damage to make him into the ultimate killing machine. It’d not only become super useful when cornered by enemies, but it’d also be a badass addition to a game that shamelessly touts firepower and violence.

We don’t really know a lot about what Gearbox plans to do exactly with the class in combat yet, but no matter what happens, I’m counting on the Mechromancer class to allow me to lay waste to enemies come its eventual release.

There’s no word on the exact release date for the DLC yet, but Gearbox has cited that they plan to release it 60-90 days after the release of Borderlands 2. Those who pre-order the game will have exclusive access to the DLC when it does finally arrive.

Of course, the only thing better than the Mechromancer might be if my dream of a playable Claptrap character class came true. I’ll keep my letter-writing campaign to Gearbox going on that one.

Look for Borderlands 2 on all major platforms September 18.

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  1. Thomas Murphy

    see i don’t understand how this is good, sure extra content is great but if this is not free i can’t see how this will be “OMG BEST CONTENT EVER THAT ISN’T ON DISC!!”

    The main 4 characters are fine enough, as for preorders pretty sure only the gearbox site or maybe certain stores has this. because i don’t see anything mentioned about this dlc being available to amazon customers.

    Edit: Hey guys, if you’re going to thumb me down at least be courteous and reply to my comment giving me your points as to why you disagree because lets be honest here: How is the best content ever dlc when everyone knows we gamers get pretty screwed at times with day 1 or DLC later. My point has merit, if this costs any bit of money for one extra character i can’t see how it’s the BEST CONTENT compared to the improvements to borderlands 2 from one.

    • Jake Fowler

      Amazon…what gamer in their rite mind would buy a Steam game from amazon….At least purchase via Nvidia’s site as it’s a direct link… But anyway..The DLC’s (all 4) are a complete package for only $29.99 code named “Season Pass” However I haven’t seen this deal ye for the console gamers.. but lets face it…how many “kiddies” on their consoles have the extra $$$ for DLC’s let alone know what one is. 😉

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