EA to Unveil Three Titles At Gamescom

EA has announced today that they have six total new titles in the works, and only three of those were announced at E3 earlier this year in Dead Space 3, Sim City 3, and Crysis 3.

What are the other three, you ask? We have yet to find out, but per EA’s CEO John Ricotello, we can expect to see them announced at German gaming convention Gamescom later this month.

The new announcements are expected to launch sometime next year alongside the three aforementioned title. Expect to hear the official announcement from EA sometime between August 15-19, when Gamescom officially takes place.

There has been some speculation regarding EA’s future and whether or not they’re transitioning into a more mobile-friendly business model. Join the Leviathyn crew to learn more and hear some theories on the company on Leviacast #4.

(Source: Zelda Informer)