Bring These Developers to the Ouya Console

One of the hottest topics of discussion lately has been the outrageous success of the Android-powered Ouya console. Looing to be a device that is pretty much adaptable in any way you want it to be, the Ouya has received major support from both indie developers and major publishers alike.

The most recent Ouya-centered announcements have raised more than a few eyebrows due to the pedigree and experience of the people behind them. Human Element developer Robotoki announced that they will be releasing a prequel to the their upcoming title Human Element as an exclusive on the console. And just yesterday, Square Enix jumped on board the Ouya train by releasing an HD version of Final Fantasy, making that the first time the game would appear on console and television since the days of the retro gaming era.

Now, I’ve voiced my concerns before about the Ouya, but if more and more high profile developers start to roll out big games on the console, then I might just warm up to it. Just for  fun, these are some of the developers I’d love to see bring their games on the Ouya:


With their recent post-Journey departure from Sony, Thatgamecompany finds themselves as free agents in the development world. Coming from a brilliant past of innovative and unique games, I’d love nothing more than to see them bring their talent to the Ouya. It’s an indie-friendly console, and Thatgamecompany is one of the leading indie developers in the industry right now, making them a perfect candidate for the open console.



Chair Entertainment

I love me some Shadow Complex. With its impressive visuals, Metroidvania style of gameplay, and intriguing story, it’s one of my personal favorite sidescrollers on XBLA. Add to that the intuitive touch controls of Infinity Blade and the intriguing upcoming Infinity Blade Dungeons, and Chair is quickly becoming one of the most polished developers on the market.

Since Ouya will be both button and touch-pad enabled, Chair would fit right in and have some serious opportunity to bring something new and interesting to it. Granted, their connection to Epic might prevent this from taking place, but it’s a pipe dream I still like to consider possible.


Telltale Games

There’s a special place in my heart for point-and-click adventure games, and Telltale does a fantastic job at continuing theimmortal legacy of the genre with titles like the runaway hit The Walking Dead. The zombie apocalypse adventure has found its way to all major platforms and more recently iOS devices. Why not also bring it over to the Ouya? Or, even better, why not create a separate new experience that Ouya users can enjoy with some exclusivity?



Double Fine

With their long list of amazing games and strong pedigree of talent, Double Fine is one of the most widely recognized and beloved developers in the industry.

And of all these developers on this list, I feel like Double Fine has the best possibility of making it onto the Ouya. They enjoyed runaway success on Kickstarter earlier this year for their Double Fine Adventure project, and the console seems like an open invitation to bring the anticipated title over. Of course, we don’t have a lot of details on their upcoming game, but it seems like it’d be a perfect fit on the Ouya.