How Long Can Capcom Ignore Mega Man Legends 3?

After the podcast today I was randomly wondering if there was any update about the status of Mega Man Legends 3. Sadly, the answer to that was no. In fact, things like even more bleak as the Devroom, a website where supporters of the game can go and chat, has seen bugs and glitches appear with no fix in sight. One bug is preventing new users from claiming Servbot numbers.

If you are unfamiliar with Servbots, they are the cute little yellow and blue guys that follow Tron Bonne, a supporting character from the Legends series. They have become the official symbol for the series and Capcom was handing out numbers to classify fans as Servbots when the Mega Man Legends 3 development was in full swing.

Ahem, Servbot #615 reporting in!

Anywho, I was huge into the Devroom when Mega Man Legends 3 was up and running. I even submitted a concept for a boss during the contests. It was a lot of fun voting on submissions and seeing the fans come together. In fact, I don’t buy the whole “not enough fan support” excuse we got from Capcom. It makes no sense. Even having as many people as they had in the Devroom submitting and helping, that is more fan input than any other game. It was almost like they expected us to create and code the game for them.

So alas, Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled and the fans roared like all hell. There was plenty of backlash on Capcom and damage control didn’t really do a good job. Petitions were created and campaigns launched. Over 100,000 people took to Facebook to like a group to show support. That same group is creating a model rocket in the likes of the one we saw in the Prototype footage. Also, a huge petition on the Devroom forum now has over 10,000 posts all wanting Mega Man Legends 3.

So my question is, now that the 3DS is alive, kicking, and smashing faces, what truly is Capcom’s reason for now finishing this game? The Prototype version with the side story leading up to Mega Man Legends 3 was a great idea. From what we saw (while rough) looked fun and nostalgic. This game would sell like hotcakes now especially thanks to this crazy story of cancellation, bad reasons, ignoring, petitions, and (if this were to happen) eventually completion and release. It would drive people insane waiting for the release date to come.

In fact, to help move Capcom’s hand, I think Sony should step in and help fund the development. This would minimize costs on Capcom and get the game made. Why Sony? Because they would fund for not only the completion of the game but for a Vita version, too. The Vita is in desperate need for games and what game would garner this kind of crazy response than a revitalized Mega Man Legends 3 that would then be multiplatform? None.

Sure, you’d be helping 3DS sales but fans would know who stepped in to help fund their wanted game. Plus, have some specials like a Mega Man Legends 3 Vita bundle, exclusive content, and whatever else their marketing leaders can come up with. Whatever it takes to get Mega Man Legends 3 out the door and into a device of mine!

That is just a wish, though. The real concern is that the longer Capcom ignores these pleas from gamers with wallets and a will, you’ll find more and more people boycotting Capcom games. That sounds harsh but out of all forum posters, N4G comments, this site’s comments, NeoGAF, and GameFAQs, I see “Capcom boycotting” more frequently than talk about the Kinect. This feeling will grow and grow until Capcom begins to see and feel the repercussions.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I don’t want to see that happen to Capcom. I just wish this sort of “doomsday” scenario would just in the rear view mirror after they decide to finally complete Mega Man Legends 3. Dodge the bullet, Capcom. Don’t face it head-on.

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