Why Google Fiber Will Change Gaming As We Know It

One of the newest competitors in the internet service provider field is Google, who is beginning to roll out Google Fiber, an internet service that offers a mind-blowing 1,000 megabytes per second, 100 times faster than the average broadband speed. And, they’re offering these ridiculous speeds for only $70 a month. While there are many obvious upsides to this service, gaming in particular could see many benefits and changes on Google Fiber.

In multiplayer gaming, especially twitch-based gaming like Call of Duty where reaction time is everything, one factor that could put your game over the edge is having a great ping. Faster internet provides a lower ping, which makes your gameplay experience smoother than your opponents. Of course, this advantage only applies when this speed is not standard. When it is, a whole new world of possibilities are opened in multiplayer gaming.

With an embarrassment of bandwidth riches such as those found with Google Fiber, developers could do some remarkable things with multiplayer and massively-multiplayer gaming. Imagine raiding with a group and being able to simultaneously videochat with any or all of them, while experiencing no lag at all. Or, perhaps developers could go the extra mile and sync even more information from individual players, such as syncing one’s avatar’s lips with their voice in real-time. And these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.

Outside of multiplayer gaming, the industry in general could certainly be changed by Google Fiber. The slowly moving trend of buying games digitally instead of in a store could be vastly accelerated by users with the ability to download entire games in seconds. Retailers like Gamestop and Best Buy would have no way to stop digital distribution services such as Steam and Origin that suddenly offer true on-demand gaming comparable to on-demand television.

Currently, Google Fiber is offering pre-registration to communities across the country, and has promised to release the service in areas that have enough pre-registrations. Soon, though, Google Fiber will be unleashed on the country and will usher in a new era on the web, and perhaps in the gaming industry.