Fieldrunners 2

Looking to build on the legacy of the original Fieldrunners, Fieldrunners 2 is a new installment in the acclaimed tower defense series. But does Fieldrunners 2 stand out in a crowded strategy genre?

From the beginning, Fieldrunners 2 looks different from other tower defense games. It has a quirky, colorful art style that reflects the game’s personality well, sound design is fun and upbeat, and the game as a whole looks to have a new level of polish not commonly found with other standard tower defense games.

The main object is the same; protect your bunker from invading enemies using various towers with different abilities. Glue guns slow enemies down, Gatling Guns are your go to for a standard weapon, and special towers like flamethrowers or tesla towers provide much-needed backup when things get hairy.

The level begins with the opportunity to construct a loadout not unlike Plants vs. Zombies, where players choose a handful of towers to use throughout the level to ward off those pesky fieldrunners. Money is earned for every enemy destroyed, and upgrades can be purchased to beef up the abilities of your tower.

Enemy variety is excellent and well-varied, ranging from the fast-moving foot soldiers to the lumbering and heavily-armored tanks and airplanes. Each enemy moves at different speeds and has a different resistance to each tower’s attack, challenging players to adjust the setup of their towers accordingly.

When things get rough, there are last resort abilities available as well, from an air strike that wipes out the board to mines that detonate once an enemy steps on them. Even these abilities are customizable and can be purchased and placed on your loadout using in-game currency earned in battle. They only last for a few uses, but they’re definitely useful once one enemy slips by your defenses and makes a break for your bunker.

While it is a fantastic game throughout, it does have a few shortcomings. On the iPhone version, it can be difficult to maneuver or place towers in the overhead view, simply because the items on screen are very small and can often be blocked by your finger, taking away some much-needed precision that could potentially effect the eventual outcome of the game. Money takes some time to accumulate, levels tend to run a bit long with 30 plus waves of enemies, and while the enemies are well-varied, none of them have resistances or weaknesses to any one kind of tower, instead being varied on how fast their health bar depletes.

Despite the fact that I had a few complaints about the game, they were only minor ones that didn’t necessarily ruin the amount of fun I had with it. With great enemies, different towers, well-designed maps, challenge maps, and multiple game modes, Fieldrunners 2 is not only a great addition to the tower defense genre, it’s a solid reminder of what makes strategy games so addicting in the first place.

Cassidee reviews Fieldrunners 2 for the iPhone.

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