Video Games I’d Like To See: The Bigs 3

To get away from the more “serious” topics I have so far written about, I figured I would begin serialized pieces about video games that I hope will be made sooner or later. I’m not sure how often I’ll bring you this series—probably as fast as I can think of a new proposal and then write about it—but if it can spur some dialogue about games you’d like to see, then you can count on seeing it more frequently. So without further ado, I bring you entry one of the video games I would like to see: The Bigs 3.

I was late getting into The Bigs (I actually started playing The Bigs 2 against a buddy about four months ago and picked up a copy for myself two months ago), but it is probably one of the most satisfying arcade style sports game experiences I have had. Scratch that: it’s one of the most satisfying sports games, period. And it has left me clamouring for more.

Currently in the sports genre, there is a focus on realism with emphasis on managing a team. That’s fine; I really enjoy playing these games (especially The Show—one of the best sports game on the market), but I also love the arcade experience that sports games can also deliver. EA has released arcade versions for their NHL (3 on 3 NHL Arcade released over three years ago), NFL (NFL Blitz released earlier this year), and NBA (NBA Jam: On Fire Edition released almost two years ago), but unfortunately, at this time, there aren’t a lot of options out there for those of us seeking that simple, fast, fun arcade style baseball game—the last was The Bigs 2. This is where a new Bigs game could fill the void.

It should also be in the interest of 2K sports, as it seems their MLB 2K series is continually being trounced by Sony’s The Show. According to Metacritic and VGchartz, not only does The Show have much better reviews, it also sells better (despite being released on less platforms). Clearly for that realistic/ simulation experience, The Show is the game to play. But 2K has a franchise that could offer something different. The Bigs caters to those of us craving the sort of action oriented arcade sports experience that is currently lacking. If you can’t beat them, then offer something different: The Bigs gives us what The Show does not.

So what could The Bigs 3 offer us that currently lacking in baseball sports games? Well if we look back at The Bigs 2 we can find our answer. Baseball is a game of subtlety, and sometimes that subtlety can be off-putting for those not familiar with the sport itself. However, with The Bigs 2, such subtlety is absent because everything is over-the-top and exciting. The pitches are faster, the hits are harder, and the fielders jump higher. The gameplay is fast, fluid, and simple enough that a beginner can pick up the game and do well, yet this air of accessibility is done without feeling cheap or boring. Sure it is easier to hit homeruns than in other baseball games, but this is balanced out by being able to rob the hitter of a “sure thing.”

Not only is gameplay fun in The Bigs 2, but the various game modes really flesh the game out and compliment that arcade-y style. Whatever facet of the game you enjoy most would hopefully make the transition to a new Bigs title. Like making spectacular plays? Well you could play against either a friend or the AI and try some jaw-dropping snags. Prefer to sock a few dingers? You could play some solo homerun pinball where you try to hit some targets in world-renowned locales to rack up the high-score. Or you could team up with a buddy to create a combined high-score.  You could also embark on the game’s career mode (which really combines all of the game modes) where you start as a comeback player working his way from a Mexican D-league back to the majors en route to a hall of fame career. Along the way you’ll play against rival teams while completing in-game objectives to unlock attributes and other trinkets, steal their best players to insert in your lineups, and even play challenging games against legendary hall of famers as you solidify your own place amongst their ranks.

All of these features made The Bigs 2 a great game, and if such things were carried over (or even improved upon in some way) in The Bigs 3 then I have no doubt The Bigs 3 will be an exciting, must-own game. Really, The Bigs 3 would be a welcome addition not only to the series, but to the arcade sports genre as a whole.

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