Trailer Breakdown: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

With a robust and expansive history, the Castlevania series has cemented itself as nothing short of legendary in the gaming sphere. Its iconic characters, enemies, and exploratory style of gameplay have all set the franchise apart as one of the most influential and important games ever made.

Following the dramatic events of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, we have been given a new look at the upcoming Lords of Shadow 2, and it looks like it has more than its fair share of dramatic moments in store for us. What did the staff think of the trailer?



Wow, that looks like a great movie.  Wait, what was that?  It’s a game trailer?  Seriously?  In that case, I have some serious problems with it. As cool as all that ass kicking protagonist Gabriel is doing looks, how much of that will translate to gameplay remains to be seen.  I was a fan of the first Lord of Shadows, but I know it was polarizing for some Castlevania fans.  I’m not sure what I expected from a new entry, although anybody who played the first one knew it was coming, but one thing I didn’t anticipate was Dynasty Warriors Vampire, because that is exactly what this looks like.  Jokes aside, though, the trailer raises some serious questions.  Where’s the gameplay?  What are we dealing with exactly here?  I’m not sure, but until I get an actual glimpse of some in-game assets, I’m withholding judgment on this title.


The problem I have with video game trailers is that they dot exactly detail what to expect from the game. If elements from the video are also situations that will be playable in the game, I am excited. Although I do not suppose the game really will allow you to fly from castle tops to the center of a battlefield, I can now only crave for the game to allow this. If each moment in this trailer is going to be translated in to game play, this will be something amazing. Seemingly, the game could be along the vein of a Dynasty Warriors type gameplay but with a Castlevania twist. I only hope that the horror and gothic elements of the games are not abandoned.


The first two-and-a-half minutes are standard CGI trailer fare: main character, epic battle, impressive visuals. Of course, this main character is freakin’ Dracula, so his powers are certainly above average. As Gabriel Belmont swept through this horde, even stopping for a snack along the way, I was waiting for the big reveal to happen…let’s face it, successful trailers are only truly successful if they cause some kind of “OMG” moment, and this trailer was epic, but not quite “successful” yet.

Then I saw the logo. That’s it?! There’s  45 seconds left? The hell are they going to do for that length of time?!

Then Gabriel appeared on my screen again, feeling the presence of another warrior on the battlefield. A warrior who is revealed to have long white hair and a two-handed longsword. Alucard. Alucard is back. Commence OMG moment.

Konami NAILED the first trailer for Lords of Shadow 2. I can’t wait for more.


The Castlevania series has drastically changed since the days of Symphony of the Night. And while Lords of Shadow may have been polarizing, there’s no denying that this trailer looks promising.

Gabriel uses some interesting things here; it looks like we’re going to have a Prototype-ish weapon system, where his weapons stem from his body and can be used for different means. You can also expect to see some epic boss battles by way of the castle itself rising up like some sort of medieval transformer.

But probably the coolest part of the whole trailer is at the end, when Alucard steps onto the battlefield. Alucard. Heck yes.


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