THQ: Consoles Will Move Towards “PC Model”

THQ president, James Rubin, has said that consoles will inevitably move away from $60 releases in favour of budget retail releases and digital sales.

“The way the industry has been set up with all titles selling for roughly the same price at retail next to each other is that there’s been a race to make the biggest, baddest-ass game,” he said.

“If you walk into a store as a gamer and see a massive $120 million dollar game next to a $30 million dollar game, and a $80 million marketing budget backed that $120 million game up, it’s likely you’re going to pull that one off the shelf,” told GameInformer.

“As time progresses, the entire industry will move closer to what we see in the PC model emerging now, which is a lot of different-sized games and different types of games that all get a place in the sun because you can buy things that aren’t $60 boxed goods.”

Rubin, asked what most excited him about the future of the games industry said: “what excites me is I think the business is going to broaden out. I think it’s good for the industry and it’s good for gamers, too. I don’t think gamers realize how good opening up the rules so that game developers can distribute and price as they want and do whatever they want is.”

“At the end of the day, the gamer will determine what succeeds and fails because they’re the ones with the dollars in the pocket,” he added.

THQ has been beset by poor financials and studio closures as well as several lawsuits over the disastrous failure of the uDraw peripheral and barely avoided being de-listed from the Nasdaq exchange last week. Rubin, prior to moving to THQ, co-founded Naughty Dog and Flektor, a media mashup tool.