ESA May Announce New Venue for E3 Tomorrow

Rich Taylor the vice president of the ESA (the organisation that runs E3) revealed that he would be revealing a major announcemnt about next year’s show tomorrow in a tweet which reads:

“On Monday I’ll be making a big announcement regarding E3 2013, so be sure to follow me for updates and spread the word.”

This has been widely interpreted as the announcement of a new venue.

Construction on the $1.2 billion Farmers Field stadium – which would result in the demolition of the LA Convention Center’s West Hall – is due to commence in March of next year if the development is approved by the city of Los Angeles. This would impact the staging of the event in LA.

In June the ESA’s president Michael Gallagher told the LA Times that San Francisco, New York, Chicago and New Orleans were options being considered should the annual industry event need to move. E3 was twice hosted in Atlanta and there have also been suggestions that Las Vegas would make a suitable alternative.