The Announcement from the Creators of Limbo is A Good Thing

Yesterday the creators of Limbo announced that their next game, Project 2, is at least two years away from release. Playdead Studios has been working on Project 2 since the release of Limbo. And that was two years ago. At first this news was sad to hear, but now I realize that this announcement is a really good thing.

First off, it means that the company is making the game right. In an interview with IGN the creators of Project 2 admitted that they wanted to make sure the game was just right before they released it. “We took a lot of financial risk to release Limbo only when we felt it was ready and we are prepared to do so again.”

But there’s another reason this announcement is actually a hidden blessing. It’s strengthening the communication between developer and consumer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been excited for the release of a game only to see it be pushed back months if not years. Guild Wars 2 is a great recent example. We saw trailers in 2009 and expected a release in 2010. But it’s 2012 and we finally have a release date that isn’t until next month.

Guild Wars 2 isn’t the only developer that’s pushed back their release date. Tons of your favorite games have had terribly long push back dates. These developers are setting unrealistic goals and tricking players into believing their game are coming out before they actually do. But giving fans a realistic time frame for the release of new material is setting the foundation for positive communication between producers and players.

It’s like Limbos creators are leveling with us. They know two more years is quite a long time for an indie puzzle platformer. And that telling the world to wait is probably going to make people upset. But they’re telling us how long it’s going to take, and they’re letting us know why. They’re treating us like equals, not as customers.

More games need to have this open and truthful communication with their fans. If you’re reading this article you’re already someone who’s spending their time not just playing video games, but reading news and opinion on them. Wouldn’t it be nice if more games were like Limbo and told you the real release date the first time around? So thank you, Playdead Studios, for treating me like a true fan.

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