Remember These Weird Video Game Easter Eggs?

Easter Eggs are some of the stranger additions to games. Ranging from viral game announcements to quirky jokes placed in there by developers, Easter Eggs are hidden items or elements within a game that can only be accessed by doing things outside of normal gameplay. While there are thousands and thousands of them scattered throughout every game ever made, here’s a list of the more famous ones dating all the way back to 1980. Have you found any of them?

Adventure: Warren Robinett Strikes Back

In the early 1980’s, a game called Adventure was given the honors of being considered the father of modern action/adventure games. A very primitive version of the action games we know and love, Adventure featured a small pixelated dot traveling throughout mazes as it made its way to castles and explored a large digital world. By today’s standards, it wasn’t much to look at. But it did pave the way for a new genre in gaming.

It also held one of the first easter eggs ever encountered in a game. In those days, creators didn’t publicly take credit for their projects, something that must have rubbed Adventure creator Warren Robinett the wrong way. Why? After maneuvering throughout the world, players would find one gray pixel that opened up a room next to the catacombs. Enter that room, and you’d find the words “Created By Warren Robinett” resting vertically on the screen. It was so difficult to encounter that publishers didn’t bother fixing it with later copies, leaving the impromptu credit screen intact in the game. Well played, Warren.

Castlevania Rocks Out To Alucard #2

Take a disc copy of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and read it as an audio CD, and you’ll be treated to a secret audio track titled “Alucard #2”. The computer will warn you about it before it plays, then launching into the hidden song.

Diablo II’s Cow Infestation

Long before the ponies of Diablo III, Blizzard honored a rumor that had surfaced about the original Diablo by slipping it into Diablo II. Whew. Okay, allow me to clarify:

It was rumored that in the original Diablo, there was a secret level that featured an entire enemy base of cows. That rumor was proven false, but Blizzard gave the fans all they wanted in their Bovine needs by adding in an additional hell dimension populated with angry cows. It was only accessible if you collected a specific item before beating the game, then entering a portal to the dimension. Cows would then flock to you and attack in hordes.


John Romero Rears His Ugly Head in Doom II

It’s almost an inside joke in the gaming industry that John Romero has a bit of an ego. His development team must have had something to say about it, too, as they added in his head as a final boss in Doom II. It was only acessible when the game was played in No Clipppings and the player walked through a wall at the end, finding the man’s head perched on the wall as an easy target.

The Fossils of Fallout 3

Despite all the odd findings in the eerie apocalyptic world of Fallout 3, perhaps one of the most interesting are the Dinosaur Remains found in the water at the Coastal Grotto. It’s said to be toward the buoy on the right, and also has a decent ammo haul near it when it’s discovered.

“You don’t have an inferiority complex. You’re just inferior.”

In Wave Race: Blue Storm on the GameCube, messing around with the audio options unlocks an announcer that would actually get me to start watching sports if he was real. Instead of the upbeat, optimistic announcer usually found in the game, you’d suddenly get a very droll, pessimistic announcer who belittled your every move. It was awesome.

OCD Pays off in Resident Evil 2

Search Wesker’s desk in Resident Evil 2, and you’ll find a picture of Rebecca Chambers. But you won’t find it the first time you search the desk. Or the second. Actually, it’ll take you fifty times of searching and being told there’s nothing there before it finally pops up. Is it worth the work? That’s for you to decide.

Arhkam City Plans

In the Batman Epic Arkham Asylum, there’s a hidden room that contains blueprints for Arkham City. It was a roundabout way of announcing that they were working on the game, but it took so long to find (due to the fact that there were no clues whatsoever about it) that the developers themselves actually outed it months after the game’s release.

The Fungus in Uncharted 3

In Uncharted 3, players can find a newspaper with the headline “Scientists Are Still Struggling to Understand Deadly Fungus”. At first glance, one might not think too much of it. But now that we know some of the events surrounding Naughty Dog’s upcoming game The Last of Us, this easter egg takes on a whole new meaning, making it pretty dang cool…if not a little bit creepy.

Mega Man 2

While on the Robot Master selection screen, players that hold down both the jump and shoot buttons to select the boss will see the stars in the background replaced with birds. Useless? Yes. Awesome? Yes.

Viewtiful Joe

This isn’t so much of an easter egg as it is a neat little retro nod that you’ll laugh at if you catch it. Whenever you equip shocking pink bombs and hold on to them for a while, your character will whistle some of the Mario theme. What could be better than an obscure reference to one of the greatest games of all time?