Gears of War Needs a Change

The Gears of War franchise is one of my favorites. I have been a glutton of the lancer and Marcus Fenix for years now. With the anticipation of the next chapter in the GOW franchise, I cant help but wonder if I will continue to enjoy these games if they continue with the same gameplay, weapons, items, etc. While playing through GOW 3 my realization of the game was that it played exactly as the others did with a few exceptions, and the weapons were the same with only a couple new options such as the retro lancer, which in all honesty only had the awesome option of spearing someone that made it fun to use. Apart from Beast Mode and the awesomely updated Horde Mode, there was not much left that was very new in the third chapter. As we face the release of GOW Judgment I have to put out a plea for some drastic differences to be added to the game.

I am hoping that being developed by People Can Fly will bring a breath of fresh air to the franchise. I would hope we will see some implementation of the style of gameplay from Bulletstorm will be introduce to GOW Judgement. The arcade scoring system in Bulletstorm was addictive and fun despite some of the drawbacks of the game itself. I would like to see a larger amount of new weapons in the game, or possible some upgradeable options. I also would love to see some customization finally happen in a GOW game. Long ago I was obsessed with a rumor that the Kinect would have allowed a player to scan their face and make themselves a playable Gear, but I was sorely let down with this was just a rumor. But, why does it have to be? GOW really could use a create a character option and I think the majority of GOW fans deserve any type of option where we can make ourselves a Gear. The closest we can get to being a Gear is to dress our Avatar, which is sad in some respects, but we do it anyway!

So I would say please, please do not let this franchise run stale. I would hate to lose interest in GOW, but my focus is waning.

How about the rest of you? What would you like to see in GOW Judgement? Is the franchise in need of some new features, or not?