Top 5 Reasons to Play Minecraft

5. If you have ever liked Legos…

Mojang’s Minecraft brings the simplicity and outright enthusiasm which you may or may not have had for Legos as a kid. A lot of kids I knew owned a set of some kind which was, of course, swiftly abandoned prior to entering those turbulent pre-teen years. However, Minecraft could be your ticket back into that happy, juvenile place you entered every time you placed your hand on your coveted Lego pieces.

And if you are part of the select group of people which the previous paragraph refers to then have no fear because Minecraft may have a bit of a learning curve (especially if you don’t play the tutorial) but once you get the hang of it, the title gives you the tools to breathe new life into all those fantastic ideas you have on a daily basis concerning castles, cliff-face mansions and the like.

4. If you’ve ever wanted to be an architect…

The tools given to players in the game of Minecraft are undoubtedly the closest I’ll ever be to the toolset common to the most talented architects and landscaping firms alike. The truth of the matter, I feel friggin’ awesome after I’ve spent an hour of my life defacing a mountain only to have the opportunity to further mutilate the inanimate beast to the point of misrecognition. In addition, having the benefit of living and breathing the same world with some of my closest friends makes the title even more valuable I’d say. Sure you could never put ‘Minecraft Extraordinaire’ on a resume, however, you’ll always have the benefit of referring to yourself as the most accomplished ‘Achievement Get-ter’ the world has ever seen.

3. If you’ve ever questioned your creative abilities…

Minecraft deliberates even the most hardened literary buff and rule-stickler alike and offers them an opportunity to put their stiff mind to the test. What test exactly? The one that has been beckoning you ever since you refused to accept that Lego set from grandma when you were younger (you just read that). To add, it will become readily apparent to anyone who plays the game that the title features an impressively open environment which gives you, the player, full-reign over the ins-and-outs of the world you occupy. Conclusively, Minecraft allows any individual’s creative potential to shine.

2. If you’ve been out of the ‘gaming’ loop for quite a bit…

Minecraft will take you with open arms. Sure you might go through a bit of frustration setting up your own server but you will be pleasantly rewarded with a title that caters to both the casual and hardcore alike. Trust me, once you figure out how to make a pick-axe for the first time, you’ll never consult a FAQ concerning the topic again (this is a bit of an exaggeration). The best advice I can give to new players of the game is to take it slow and preferably play the game with a friend who’s a bit more experienced. It’ll save you time, grief, and it will be more fun.



1.  If you have friends who play Minecraft…

Then what are you waiting for? The world of Minecraft beckons you. It is open-ended, too darn fun, and extremely enjoyable gameplay rolled up all into one. If you make the decision to the join the world once, you will be much like myself and question your integrity after playing the title two hours straight in the midst of writing deadlines, homework and the like. The truth of the matter? The game hones in on that one element which players pursue, developers strive for, and video game publishers try to evoke: ‘fun’.

Pure, clean, fun (minus a few zombies, of course:)

All in all, it should be known that anyone who ventures into the world that is Minecraft will have to deal with the obvious ‘nerd-dom’ associated with the title and all of its heavy implications of your personal life. But buckle down and give it a try. Have a look at one of your friends playing the game and take a stab at it yourself before you make your judgment. I can personally say that I was reluctant to jump into the game myself only to find that the game was indeed as nerdy as I had suspected but ridiculously fun.

Who would have thought that all these years gamers like me were looking for a way to simply chop away at dirt with a pickaxe for hours on end?