Best Buy’s Summer Blowout Destroys More Wallets After Steam Sale’s Merciful End

Did you participate in the Steam Sale? Is your wallet hung up to dry outside? You may want to chuck it as far as you possibly can right now or face the wrath of another huge sale for games. Best Buy has targeted PC gamers, still reeling from Steam’s Summer Sale, and the console games who weren’t invited. Over 140 items are cut down in price and some of them may surprise you.

For instance, you can get Assassin’s Creed Revelations for $9.99. You could even get the Tron: Evolution Collector’s Edition for $9.99 which is a savings of $120.00. I need to find me a Best Buy so I can get my mini Tron bike prop.

Check out all of the items on here at Best Buy’s sale storefront. I’m sorry for any incurring damages to your financials.