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High Moon Studios announced at Comic Con that they are currently developing a game based on “The Merc with a Mouth”, Deadpool. The quirky, wise-cracking assassin is no stranger to comics and the video game scene, but this is the first time he has starred in his own designated game.

With the same humor, look, and personality that made the hero what he is, gamers have been given a taste of what the Deadpool game will consist of upon its eventual release. Is it everything a Deadpool fan could hope for? The staff sounded off on it both on Leviacast Episode #2 and below. What are your thoughts?

(trailer NSFW)


Too late. Marvel has already quelled the Deadpool fan uprising thanks to way too many comic series and over-the-top storylines (like, even over-the-top for Deadpool). The gravy train has departed as those comics sell terribly even the Hulk gets better numbers.

To be honest, like I said in the podcast, I’d be more excited about this if it was being done by Suda 51. It’s not. It’s being done by a company who has never shown a gaming perpensity outside of over-the-shoulder shooters and the WTF Guily Gear 2. The only thing I actually liked about the trailer was Deadpool’s humor and Wolverine quips. That’s right on the money for that character, just like in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


While Deadpool wouldn’t have been my first choice to lead a new superhero game, clearly High Moon has the developmental chops to make it work.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t exactly heartened by the debut trailer.  We don’t get to see much gameplay, but what was featured looks more like concept art than anything we’ll see in the actual game.  Was that an on-rails turret shooting segment I saw as well? We’ll have to wait and see on the gameplay, but I’m especially intrigued by High Moon’s online strategy.  Transformers had a surprisingly good competitive multiplayer, but Deadpool doesn’t seem like he would lend himself well to that.  Should be interesting.  Another area I’m concerned about is the humor.  Grabbing Nolan North may mean quality voice acting, but he will still need solid, if not stellar, writing to make it work.  After watching the trailer, I have serious doubts as to whether they can do that.


This game looks fun. Last time we saw Deadpool, he was in Wolverine: Origins. Ryan Reynolds did a great job as the character. Yet Marvel did Deadpool a terrible wrong in the last half of that movie (I don’t even really need to mention it, do I?), and with this game they seem to be attempting to make up for that awful mistake. First, Daniel Way, the current regular writer of his series, is writing the game, so you know the Merc with the Mouth will be acting like the character we all know and some of us love. The game seems to have accurately captured the spirit of Deadpool’s character quite well with all of its wild action, over-the-top enemy deaths and his constant talking to the voices in his head. He’s not my favorite Marvel character, but after watching the trailer I think I’m going to pick up the game at some point.

Even the press release is in true Deadpool style: ‘Deadpool Announces the Deadpool Game’ (subtitled ‘I, Deadpool, Reveal That I’m Making My Own Butt-Kicking Deadpool Video Game, Slated for 2013!!!’) I won’t spoil the fun of reading by repeating any of it. You can find it here:

All I can say is that the game better live up to the hype, or Marvel’s going to have some ticked off fans at their door. They’re already on their second chance with Deadpool as it is, though the trailer looks to be heading in all the right directions. I hope the game’s a hit, not just for fans of Deadpool, but because Marvel might decide to give other superheroes (and maybe villains) the same ‘current comic writer as videogame writer’ treatment.


In all the excitement I could possibly have for a Deadpool game, I have to look at this trailer negatively. Why do you ask? This trailer feels just like the teaser for Duke Nukem felt when I got very excited for what turned out to be a poorly made game. Sure, the trailer looks fun, funny, and gory, but the game also looks very incomplete and may be relying more on Deadpool humor than actual fun gamely mechanics. There isn’t much we can determine from just a teaser, I just am not about to get my hopes up only to have them brutally brought back down, stepped on, ran over with a car, and then crammed down my throat.

The only hope I have for this game, as cleverly noted at the end of the trailer, is that the game surprises me just as much as X-Men Origins: Wolverine did. “Suck it Wolverine” made me laugh and I am hoping this is a reference to the game, not just at Wolverine overall. Deadpool could end up being a surprisingly fun and well developed game, but I do not have the confidence just yet. All I can do, as usual, is hope for the best and wait to see if the game becomes a well constructed success, or a game that relays simply on fandom to make a quick buck.


Gore. Humor. Sex.

Three tenets of a successful media titles these days. Deadpool seems like it promises Marvel fans what they’ve been looking for in a video game adaptation for a long time… just plain ‘fun’.
Although crude humor may find itself steering more toward a general audience these days, I can’t help but feel as though High Moon’s choice to make the title as stylized as possible may hit them hard in terms of sales. However, as long as the title is as fun as the trailer depicts it to be, I won’t have anything to worry about.



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