Meet the Enemies of Resident Evil 6

With the upcoming release of Resident Evil 6, Capcom has shifted the series in a massive, epic direction. Boasting multiple campaigns and more than a handful of main characters, the game is weaving a deep and tangled narrative into one of the most ambitious titles in the series yet.

One of the biggest changes, however, is the way the game is using new enemy types to present a challenge to players. So, exactly what can we expect to point guns at from the viewpoints of Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, or Jake Mueller?


Like a sandwich without bread, it simply wouldn’t be a Resident Evil game without zombies. And they’re back in hordes bigger than ever, thanks to an outbreak of the deadly C-Virus.

Zombies will offer players a fresh new take on combat in RE6. While the more common ones are similar to the shuffling, slow-moving Romero-style walkers we’ve all come to know and love, zombies will also have the ability to throw things and grab you from the ground. Players will also encounter zombies with weapons embedded from previous attackers. These  weapons can be taken from the zombie’s body and used in combat with a variety of melee attacks that differ depending on the weapon used.

Zombie dogs also make an appearance in RE6, as we see in the subway station clip below.

In these more common zombie sequences, we see RE6 throw back a bit to its original survival horror days. We get atmospheric moans and snarls, limited visibility in the dark, and some jump scares meant to keep the survival horror elements that made RE so great intact. Whether or not it successfully does this remains to be seen, but it sure looks promising.


Developers have said that they intend to introduce horror in a number of ways for each character and story line. For Jake Mueller, the horror plays out in the form of the ever-vigilant Ustanak, a large, hulking creature hunting down Wekser Jr. who is practically unstoppable, stealing elements from standout RE enemy Nemesis. The Ustanak is a large, surgically-enhanced creature with limited intelligence and reckless abandon in combat. It can carry a number of deadly attachments on its arm, from a large pincer-like claw to a chain gun attachment used to hunt down our protagonist. Some of them have cages resting on their backs used to incapacitate enemies and trap them in combat.

Guns are a mere annoyance to the Ustanak, who moves with surprising speed and agility for such a behemoth size and couples its size and quick movement to instigate deadly melee and ranged attacks.

With misshapen bodies and large, makeshift-looking surgical incisions and staples, the Ustanak takes on a barely human form that is both terrifying and tragic, making it the perfect subject for a horror enemy.


Like something out of a nightmarish Prototype, the J’avo are zombies who stem from the C-Virus and are subject to rapid mutations and regeneration. Whenever a J’avo is injured, the specific limb that is hurt will suddenly morph into a twisted, freakish limb, be it a massive club arm or sprouting insect-like wings and a tail whenever legs are destroyed. Their flesh regenerates quickly, and they feature myriad mutations, making them a challenging addition to the gameplay.

Different strategies will be required to counter the different powers of the J’avo, but perhaps the most difficult and different feature about this enemy is the fact that they are sentient and organized, capable of using firearms effectively and communicating with each other to take out our heroes.

They are more human-like than the Ustanak, apart from their multiple eyes sprouting on their heads from bloody, mutated eye sockets. But it’s their vaguely human form coupled with their beast-like rage and horrific regeneration that give them the potential to become one of the most interesting and challenging enemies ever seen in a Resident Evil game.

Look for Resident Evil 6 on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on October 2.