Why Forward Unto Dawn Is Important

There have been several attempts at bringing video games to screen. Sadly most have been tragic for either the game or the movie, sometimes even both. Prince of Persia may have been an “OK” movie (I stress the “OK” part) but its infidelity to the games was painful for every fan. Silent Hill may be the only game adapted movie to actually be good (and the next one looks meh…). What is it that makes it so difficult for these films to be good? It certainly isn’t lack of material. Most of these adaptations have more than three titles to pull from. What if the solution is to stop adaptations all together?

Halo: Forward Unto Dawn is an upcoming web series that is based in the universe the Halo games take place in. Here’s the catch though: Forward Unto Dawn isn’t based on any single Halo title. Instead, it is a prequel (much like the upcoming Mass Effect movie) and I think it might save videogame video game based films.

Movie adaptations disappoint everybody. Whether it’s Halo or Lord of the Rings, they never live up to the original, it’s just too much to ask; especially if the OG is an instant classic. Creating movies that precede or succeed their inspiration are far more interesting and allow for more creativity. What director wants to make something has to be as close as possible to replicating someone else’s work?

What Forward Unto Dawn is doing is fairly unheard of. The series will take place far before the events of Halo 4, coming this fall, chronicling the early events of the Covenant war and a small detachment UNSC cadets whom Master Chief helps escape. The tie to Halo 4? One of the young soldiers becomes the CO of the UNSC Infinity, flagship of humanity and core of Halo’s newly introduced multiplayer campaign.

To say that this series will be successful is premature and no more than plain conjecture, however, with a promising cast and fairly established writers (the Helbing brothers from Spartacus), Halo: Forward Unto Dawn has tremendous potential. That is huge for Halo fans around the world that have been waiting for a Halo feature film.  If this mini-series can succeed it will be a huge step in the direction to realizing that dream.

The first episode of Forward Unto Dawn is scheduled to release, via internet (hence web series) and Halo: Waypoint, on October 5th. Here’s the extended trailer below. What do you think? Will it be successful or will it crash, and why? I think Forward Unto Dawn will be the wake-up call that Hollywood needs.