What Red Dead Redemption 2 Needs

Just last week, Rockstar gave us a bit more information about GTA V and hinted that they are considering Red Dead Redemption 2. As a fan of the first Redemption, the announcement got me thinking about the game again, from what I loved about it to what I hated. So, with its inevitable release, I’ve put together my wish list of what I want to see in Red Dead Redemption 2. What do you want to see?


Sure it’s the wild frontier, but for some reason, the world of Red Dead seemed a little more than totally empty. Aside from the random encounter or the odd town, the lack of additional characters in the game made it feel a bit like you in an open field for miles on end. Flesh it out a bit, and the setting will become a bit more compelling.


With the sensation of real weight and damage to a shot, shooting in Redemption felt soooo good. The actual gunplay, however, felt sloppy in comparison. It’s a third-person action game where characters can take damage pretty quickly, and while the cover mechanic is there, Red Dead Redemption 2 could use an improvement in the tech. Take a page out of the Gears of War cover mechanics book, and the game’s combat will be brought to a whole new level.


Red Dead’s story starts out great, but one of the biggest complaints about the game among players is how much it slows down once you reach Mexico. The story in general just needs a bit more pacing to it to help make it feel like it flows and makes sense. With such a strong cast of characters, a well-written and told story could make for fantastic gaming in the eventual sequel.


And I don’t necessarily mean that the game needs more talking and dialogue…what I want is more of the voice acting that Redemption featured. The voice acting in that game was fantastic, with life and quality to it that added a whole new dimension to Red Dead’s characters. Couple great dialogue with the continuation of the great voice acting and a whole new story, and you’ve given me a pretty strong reason to return to the game’s universe.


Since the Old West is such an interesting setting, I want to see more of the open world elements that debuted in the first game. Give me more hunting, more random encounters, and more bounties to collect. Nothing made me feel like a badass more than riding up and shooting a bandit mid-mugging. And you never forget the first time you’re killed by a cougar, either. It’s elements like these that give the player a unique take on the game and help it develop a life of its own.


With so many side quests and opportunities available, I’d love to see the questing system updated a bit. Give me the chance to work on more than one at a time. Doing so would allow me more opportunities to pick up bounties and complete more missions.


Red Dead had a lot of interesting and different side quests and missions that made it feel unique in the game space. The problem, however, is that they felt like they were dumped on me at weird times. Space out the side quests along the main story line progression more so there’s a bit more variation in gameplay.


With the promise of the new tech and it’s powerful capabilities, I’d be happy to wait just a little bit longer to see this game on next generation consoles. Use the new engines, the new graphical prowess, and the power to do more with the setting, and we’re in for an amazing and well-deserved return to one of Rockstar’s greatest gaming worlds.


What made a great game better? ZOMBIES. Mixing cowboys and hordes of the undead is territory that hasn’t really been discovered before, but for some reason the two worked together like chocolate and peanut butter in this case. Red Dead’s DLC Undead Nightmare was an awesome add-on and a great zombie game, and calling for a return to it in Red Dead 2 doesn’t feel like I’m asking too much.


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