The Vita has only sold 790,000 units since launch in Japan

Sony is playing this one off as cool as can be. They are saying the above figures are in line with expectations for the Japanese market. Earlier reports back when the new handheld launched pegged 700,000 units shipped to retailers. That would mean that only 90,000 and some change were sold after that initial shipment.

Things are going pretty slow for Sony’s mobile juggernaut. I have to say, I am very surprised. Besides the lack of a good marketing campaign and any viral spots, I really thought the Vita would hit the ground running and never stop.

Still, Andriasang has all the listing for the Vita itself and the top selling games for the device. The top three selling games on the Vita are Persona 4, Hot Shots Golf, and Uncharted. I think I’m more surprised to see Uncharted that high up there in Japan. It’s not a series I thought the east market would enjoy.

The Vita is moving a bit faster now thanks to Persona 4. This just goes to show you how Sony should have made the launches different in each region. Perhaps paying a studio to make a Monster Hunter or Gundum game would have really improved Japanese market sales.

Still, there are apparently over 70 games in the making for the Vita and with hits like Assassin’s Creed and PlayStation All-Stars coming, the Vita should be in great shape for this holiday season. Now if only the marketing team can get together and actually do some good work on the Vita…