What happened Chris?

Resident Evil 6 will release this fall. Until then, gamers will have to be content with all of the news and trailers being released. One of the newest tidbits about the game is a main character’s fall from grace. Main man and fan favorite Chris Redfield, has apparently developed a few bad habits and his health has taken a turn for the worse. Drunk, depressed, and slightly amnesiac, this steadfast soldier has finally succumbed to the physical and psychological terror that has been thrown at him for years. And you know what? I’m kind of glad!

Gamer confession time; I’ve never finished the first Resident Evil. Believe me, I have tried! The campy voice acting, the out dated graphics, the over complicated game play… I just couldn’t get into it. Resident Evil 2 was actually my first entry into the series and gripped me from the start. Going back and trying to play the first game wasn’t going to happen though. It wasn’t until the Game Cube remake that I was able to finish the first Resident Evil and even then it was with Jill, not Chris. Long story short, I never felt that connection to him; never saw what supposedly made him more “Bad Ass” than anyone else that has dealt with Umbrella’s bio weapons. Code Veronica was the first game in which I played through a Chris Redfield campaign. Aside from wanting to save his sister Claire, he never made an impression on me.

When Resident Evil 5 debuted, gamers saw the return of Chris Redfield with only two things on his mind, kill the monsters and find Jill (because she may have died in a situation gamers never got to see). What am I getting at? Chris has always come off as a very uninteresting very static character. Sure he has fought monsters but so has Leon, so has Jill, so has Claire. Yes he was part of the original kick Umbrella’s but squad; but even then, he was the dedicated soldier, which is fine, but it doesn’t make for an interesting character.

Resident Evil 6 looks like it’s going to be great! We’re finally getting the old, slow, cannon fodder zombies back which hopefully means we’ll see more monsters like Hunters and Chimeras again. Now I am a huge fan of Leon and was ecstatic to hear he was returning. I then heard about Jake who I don’t really care about (I hate Wesker almost as much as Chris does). And then I heard these details about Chris Redfield’s return. I wasn’t stoked at first but when I found out he was in this debilitating state, I realized we may actually get to see some emotion from him. The fact that he’s drinking his horror filled memories away makes him a more identifiable character already (I probably would have done more than take up drinking!).

Not sure what THIS emotion is!

There are still a few more months away until we can find out anything for certain, but it’s already looking like Capcom is poised to wash the taste that was Resident Evil 5 from gamers’ pallets. From bringing back classic elements to giving the characters a bit more humanity, Resident Evil 6 is shaping up to be quite the experience!