Sleeping Dogs is Hollywood Equipped

In a game that already has Edison Chen, Will Yun Lee, Tzi-Ma, Kelly Hu, James Hong, Terence Yin, Winston Chu, and Robin Shou, Sleeping Dogs has added more notable voice cast members to the lot. If you don’t recognize any of the previous names, just look them up on IMDB and I’m at least 90% sure you’ve seen at least one in a movie before. For most of you, it will be Edison Chen only. However, Sleeping Dogs wasn’t satisfied yet. The voice cast is brilliant but something was missing. Hmm…

Enter Lucy Liu (Charlies Angels), Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man), Tom Wilkinson (Batman Begins), and Yunjin Kim (Lost). These four talents are adding their voices to the game which really making Sleeping Dogs seem like a Hollywood project than a game. The executive producer of the game, Stephen van der Mescht, also revealed that the game has over two hours of dialogue. Impressive.

Look for Sleeping Dogs to hit stores August 14th for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.