6 Potential Wii U Smash Bros. Candidates

I had few complaints with the Super Smash Bros. Brawl roster, but with the upcoming Wii U, it’s time to start thinking about who we would like to see in the inevitable Smash Bros. release.  Brawl threw a few curve balls our way, and I have the feeling that we’re going to get a few surprises with the next one.

But what kind of surprises?  Well, we’ve put together a little list of the characters we think may be in store for us.  Some of them may be kind of a stretch, but I think any of them would be awesome.

Mickey Mouse:  With the first Epic Mickey being a Wii exclusive, and Epic Mickey 2 in development, it isn’t crazy to think that Mickey could be in store for a Smash Bros. appearance.  He fits in perfectly with the tone of the game, and there are a wide range of abilities he could come with.  The whole paint thing could be his gimmick, or they could just go with traditional Mickey.  Personally, I would like to see Fantasia Mickey.  Likelihood:  Very good.  Nintendo obviously likes Mickey, and he really would be a perfect fit.



Simon Belmont:  A vampire hunter of the old school, Simon Belmont may not be your first thought when thinking Smash Bros., but he makes more sense than you may think.  Konami brought along Solid Snake for Brawl, and Simon has much heavier Nintendo roots.  Gameplay-wise he would be a perfect fit, and I think I could really have some fun beating people with his iconic whip, not to mention all those famous Castlevania sub-weapons.  Likelihood:  Doubtful.  If not Simon, perhaps Trevor or Alucard or could take the spot?  Either way, a Castlevania protagonist would just feel right, but I’m not sure it’s super likely.



Sora:  I can’t think of another character from any game that would fit into a Smash Bros. game than Sora.  I mean, Sora Ltd. is helping make the damn thing! Kingdom Hearts is no stranger to Nintendo platforms, and just the idea of Sora beating down Mario with a keyblade gives me shivers.  Sora is another character that just feels so damn right, it would be wrong not to have him.  Likelihood:  50/50.  He would be a great fit, and Square Enix has a great relationship with Nintendo, but I’m not sure.  I just know I need to see Sora in something soon.




Geno:  The undisputed king of Super Mario RPG, fans have been clamoring for Geno’s inclusion for a long time.  His awesome skill set and unique aesthetic would be so sweet, but I am a little worried about what that hideous bastard might look like in HD.  Seriously, though, if you’ve playedMario RPG, you know how great his inclusion would be.  Likelihood:  Not good.  They haven’t done it yet, why would they start now?  I’m still holding on to hope though…




Mega Man:  It seems like all Mega Man does these days is cameos, so why not a Smash Bros. debut?  He should be well rested from his complete hiatus from Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but we don’t want the Blue Bomber to get rusty do we?  While a power stealing mechanic (a la Kirby) would be too awesome for words, there are any number of directions he could go.  Likelihood:  Maybe.  It’s not like he’s doing anything else at the moment, and he would be a great addition.  There has also been talk of including a Capcom character in the Wii U iteration, and who better than  Mega Man?



Rayman:  I actually just finished Rayman Origins, and it has me super excited for the upcoming Rayman Legends, which just happens to be, wait for it, a Wii U game!  Seems like a logical choice to make the jump to Smash Bros., right?  I can just see his wind-up punch knocking people off the edge of a stage, and he has a fairly large bag of tricks they can dig into if they need to, not to mention great level fodder.  Likelihood:  Possibly.  Ubisoft has been one of Nintendo’s best supporters, so maybe that trend will continue.  I’d love to see Ezio crash the party, but Rayman seems like a surer bet.


Would you like to see these guys populating Nintendo’s next party fighter?  Any predictions, or people you would just like to see.  Leave us a comment!

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  1. Deoxys911

    Actually, Mickey is ineligible for inclusion because he did not originate in a video game. One of Sakurai’s stated rules for SSB characters is that they must have first appeared in a video game (the other being that they have to have appeared on a Nintendo system).

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