LIMBO Could Have Been A PlayStation Exclusive

Playdead’s critically acclaimed and million selling title LIMBO could have launched on PS3 first but the deal fell apart over Sony’s insistence on owning the IP Eurogamer reported today.

Sony Computer Entertainment executive producer Pete Smith admitted at the Develop Conference in Brighton UK last week.  Playdead and Sony had been discussing a possible exclusivity deal Smith revealed but added “I maybe shouldn’t say this, but we had issues when we were trying to sign Limbo because of the IP.”

Playdead subsequently went to Microsoft and LIMBO launched as an Xbox Live Arcade title  first followed by PSN and Steam versions a year later.

Speaking earlier at Develop Smith commented “there are obvious benefits to keeping it [a game’s IP], but also to giving it up: you’re way more likely to get the deal.”

“Remember: 100 per cent of nothing is nothing. A publisher is much more likely to commit to marketing and merchandising if they own the IP.

“Sometimes all we want is protection so [devs] don’t make a game, finish it then go to one of our rivals. We look at IP on a case by case basis. With a bit of common sense, you can find common ground,” he concluded.

LIMBO sold 300,000 copies on Xbox Live in its first month and reached sales of a million by the end of 2011. The game also performed well on PS3 becoming the best selling third party game on PlayStation Network last year.


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