PS3 Super Slim

‘Super’ Slim PS3 Images Emerge

In the aftermath of E3 this year Sony Worldwide Studio’s President Shuhei Yoshida was asked if the company was working on a ‘super slim’ PlayStation 3 model to which he replied “never say never.”

Then patent filings indicated that the announcement of a new model is even closer than we might have believed. Now images have emerged (see above) which appear to show the newly designed version of the console. Brazilian website tecnoblog unearthed the images and they do appear to be authentic.

If accurate the new model will have ridges instead of the current smooth curve with a flip-top lid similar to the PS2 Slim, likely due to internal space constraints.

The new system will likely be revealed at gamescom in Germany next month where Sony previously announced the current slim version of the PS3. At that time Sony also announced a price cut for the console and may do so again to propel Christmas sales as well as enhance the life of the console as the company prepares to transition to PlayStation 4.

Below is a comparison of the three PS3 models: