Starting the Mass Effect Series Now

It’s always great starting a new game. Something about being brought into a new world with new controls and mechanics is exciting. Especially one that I know so many people are die-hard fans for. It means that it’s sure to be a pretty good game. I’ll admit, I’ve never gone through the Mass Effect storyline. And frankly, it’s about time.

Well, actually that’s not entirely true. When I hopped on to give the game a try I did see an earlier save from early 2008. I did give it a shot right after the release, borrowing a copy from a friend, but couldn’t really get into it. But I’ve tried it again and can safely say that I’m now a Mass Effect fan. The only thing is, everyone else has already gone through the story. And even worse, they’ve left behind their opinions on how the game should be played.

My friends as well as online articles have done way more than just released spoilers. That’s to be expected if you wait 5 years before starting an immensely popular series. But because Mass Effect’s gameplay is more dependent on the player’s choices than other games,  everyone talks about the choices you should make in your game. Whenever I tell someone I started playing Mass Effect the first thing they do is make sure I make an upcoming choice a certain way. “Trust me, you want to choose X over Y. It’s totally going to help later in the game.”

And while I appreciate these helpful comments, they’ve begun to ruin the creativity and choice making of the game for me. I feel like without playing through more than the first level I already know the choices I’m going to make at the end of the third game.

For instance, on these kinds of games I’m usually a pretty neutral character the first time around. If I have to lean one way or the other, I’ll lean towards the good and righteous path before trying the evil one. But friends have told me that in Mass Effect you defiantly want to go one way or another. “You’ll lose Wrex if you try to stay neutral. Plus, in Mass Effect 2 if you want to look normal you should try and stay good.”

Also I know that I can have intimate relations with different crew members. So, If I’m going to spend my time going through the dialogue options with my crew, it’s with the ladies that Sheperd needs to get with as opposed to the characters I’m using on my missions. Wrex and Garrus have fought off enemies with me in every encounter I can think of, but I’ve practically ignored them once we’ve gotten back to the ship.

I feel like part of the fun of Mass Effect is discovering the result of your actions on your own. But now it’s hopeless because there is nothing for me to explore. There’s no mystery. And that kind of ruins the entire Mass Effect series. It’s sad, because unlike other games this gem is lost for me forever. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the next Mass Effect series.