Never Judge A Game By Its Cover

We are fortunate to have all the tools available to us to research games before buying. The internet, magazines, word of mouth; each of these is helpful when deciding to purchase a game. However, sometimes we lose sight of these conveniences while shopping the aisles and we take a risk and attempt to judge a great game purchase by the cover of the box. We all know the old warning to “not judge a book by it’s cover”, but sometimes its just too tempting. This judgement can be a good one, or bad one, and sometimes a great game may be overlooked due to an ugly cover design. So, I thought I would reach out to the staff to tell you of a great game cover that masked a bad game and also about ugly game covers that detracted you from a good game purchase.


For Me:

1) Good Cover/Bad Game: Brink. This cover reeked of fun. Guy flying through the air, malatov cocktail at ready. This looked like a new FPS with lots of fun involved, bit it was not.





2)Bad Cover/Good Game: X-men Origins: Wolverine: Who would have though this movie tie-in game would have ended up being so damned fun? This really was a shock to me and I couldn’t shut up to people that they needed to look beyond the movie poster game cover to the awesome slashing and spearing fun of this game.





1)Bad cover/good game: Beyond Good and Evil. Weird cover that didn’t really draw me in, but such a great game.





2)Good cover/Bad Game: Neverdead. That is all.






1. A game that I thought had a very intriguing cover though didn’t meet my expectations in regard to it’s level of ‘fun’ was the recently released title Endless Space. Though the game eventually lived up to its epic looking cover art (which involved a number of fictional ships flying in space – items of adoration for any lover of sci-fi) it gave me the initial impression that it was a boring, boring, bo-oring title. So boring in fact that it took me three attempts to get through the game’s tutorial (a total of 90 minutes).



2. A game that had cover art which left much to be desired was a title by the name of Defense Grid: The Awakening. It’s cover art featured… well… I can’t even remember (I guess that’s a depiction of how forgettable it was). Whatever the crappy cover art was, the tower-defense game beat my expectations by providing me with over 20 hours of fun. Not many $2.49 Steam titles can boast of that honor.



3. A game that had cover art which, quite honestly didn’t do the title any justice was Dead Island. I don’t know about you, but every time I see a dirty, muddied up character on the cover of a game which has the word ‘dead’ anywhere in the title, my first reaction isn’t to leap for joy at the sight of the box but rather, turn away and search for a game that doesn’t meet the requirements for ‘random zombie shooter X’. Dead Island, however, provided me with a wealth of fun in light of my first-impression of it and I still play it to this day.




 1) Bad box art, good game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent. If I was the creature from the game and I saw that art, I’d haunt the artist till he redrew it. he is distinctly unscary, kind of odd but not at all fearsome.





2)Good box art, bad game: Alice: Madness Returns. Every time I see the box art for Alice I think about how much I wanted this to be an awesome game.  For the most part, it’s not the even the gameplay that disappoints. It’s the bugs that render the game unplayable and which the developer and publisher refuse to fix that make it me so sad whenever I see the box.




Thank you to everyone who contributed. How about you, audience? Any others?