Leviathyn’s Dream Team of Robot Masters

The Mega Man series (including all its spin-offs) have featured some really incredible bosses.  While the Blue Bomber has of course spent most of his time fighting these poor bastards, we here at Leviathyn decided to flip the equation.  What three Robot Masters, Maverics or general Mega Man ne’er-do’wells would you like to have fighting with you?  We polled our staff to see who they would pick.



Anubis Necromancess:  He can command the dead.  Perfect teammate right there.  You’ll never run out of back-up or distractions.  Plus, he can summon walls for retreat barriers.

Bass.EXE:  A Navi that grows more powerful each day.  I’’ take that!  When Bass reaches GS form, he’ll be unstoppable.

Colonel. EXE:  A great leader, supporter, attacker and defender, Colonel can do it all.  He’d lay his life down for you or defend you at all cost.  He’s also a great strategist.



Sheep Man: He’s because he’s one of the weirdest bosses I’ve encountered in a Mega Man game. His existence suggests to me that they ran out of all the cool names and powers for bosses and started pulling inspiration from random places. I love it.

Metal Man: Two words: SAW BLADES. He’s got one on his head. How badass is that? Plus, his stage in MM2 is pretty awesome.

Wood Man: if you think about a robot made of wood, the result is pretty terrifying. He’s almost as weird as sheep man, but in a more evil-tree way that makes me uneasy. That’s what makes him great. Plus, his stage in MM2 is pretty awesome as well.



Metal Man (Mega Man 2):  I’ve got to take Metal Man because of his signature weapon, the Metal Blade.  Using a mere 1/4 of a single unit of energy for each blade, you could basically sling those exclusively, and half the bosses in the game were weak to it.

Slash Beast (Mega Man X4):  Slash Beast is perhaps the hardest-looking reploid ever.  He seriously looks like he could cause some major damage, and hopefully he brings a nice intimidation factor to my team as well.  He’s basically my Wolverine.

Metal Shark Player (Mega Man X6):  The only real reason I have for wanting Metal Shark Player is that he is a freaking Metal Shark and I feel that every team needs one of those.  He may have an absurdly ridiculous name, but he can dive and swim through piles of junk.  That’s pretty cool.



When I was asked which three Mega Man characters I would want on a squad, I knew the answer almost immediately. While the old Mega Man cartoon was not of the greatest quality, it had its moments. One such moment was the teaming up of two robot masters, Ice Man and Air Man. Ice Man would funnel his power through Air Man’s fan which amplified it dramatically. This, to me, would be a most beneficial power to have in a world infested with zombies. The third was tough; it took me a few minutes but I looked at the team I already had and easily selected the last member, Elec Man. Even if the hordes of zombies weren’t frozen, they would still be exposed to ice, which is a form of water, which conducts electricity. Granted it doesn’t conduct as well as water, but hey, lightning is lightning!


That covers our choices.  Who would you choose for your squad?

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