Lack of Split-Screen=Alcoholism!

I have found a new frustration when it comes to video games. When I know a new game is out, or is coming out, my first plan of action is to have some friends over with some drinks and play the game together. Unfortunatley, more often than not, when I get the game in my hand I flip it over and exhale in disgust when I see that the green highlighted feature will say 1 player and the orange will say multiple. This means split-screen doesn’t exist on the game and I would have to have my friends play from their homes in order to play multiplayer. Why is the split-screen co-op option dying away? Especially now when televisions are bigger and cost a fraction of what they used to. I mostly am frustrated at this because it has taken me years to get my wife in to video games, first person shooters mainly, and only a small amount of them have split-screen (thank you Gears!).

Here is my main dilemma; the absence of co-op split encourages us to drink alone! Thats right; I said it. For those of us who enjoy a beer, or a whiskey, or both, while playing games, we ultimately have to drink and play alone because our friends has to play the game with you from their own respectable homes. So, yes, I am claiming that the loss of split-screen will lead many of us to alcoholism…maybe.

There, I said it.

So, gaming industries, please don’t let me face this reality. Provide a split-screen option for all FPS and allow socializing to occur as it should; together in the same room killing things and sipping some fine liquor.

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