Megaman Battle Network Had Some Great Music

I wrote earlier this week about my affinity for the Battle Network/EXE series. I had some good times with it and along with the gripping gameplay there were some really memorable tunes.

Every game had the same sound but every time they managed to twist it just enough to make it fresh and exciting. Whether it was new battle themes, new town songs, or the usually amazing Undernet themes, each game had a good amount of tracks that would get you either tapping along, get hyped, or really get into that moment of the game.

I’m going to go through each game and pick out the tracks I believe are worth listening to. Also, at the end, you’ll see a link to a public YouTube playlist featuring all of the battle themes of the series. These songs are the best ones you’ll find in the series, including the very well good final boss tracks.

Note: I will be using the Japanese titles for these tracks since the official soundtracks were never released in North America. These titles are the best ways to find these songs on YouTube and other sites.


Battle Network / EXE 1

Where it all began…

EXE 1 wasn’t a bad title but it wasn’t fully imagined. It was missing something that made it pop out. All the game really did for you was make you see what Capcom was trying to do with the concept and it was really cool. You were interested but you didn’t quite bite into it yet. Still, the music wasn’t half bad and it was catchy. Definitely not the best in the series but not as bad as EXE 5. EXE 1, in my opinion, has the best Network theme (where MegaMan.EXE is plugged in and connected to the net areas).

 Worth Listening to:

  • Theme of Rockman EXE
  • Fire Field
  • Boundless Network
  • Cold & Silent
  • Net Battle
  • VS Dream Virus


Battle Network / EXE 2

The concept realized… 

EXE 2 was the reason why most fans got into the series. It took what EXE 1 tried to do and actually did it. Everything from the gameplay, story, enemies, and progression was much better. The music was also improved. While not as great as the series’ peak in EXE 3, you’ll still find plenty of tracks in 2 to keep your ears happy.

Worth Listening to:

  •  Home Town
  • Incident Occurance!
  • Smoky Field
  • Time Limit
  • You Can’t Go Back
  • Internet World
  • And You Will Know The Truth
  • Battle Spirit
  • VS Gospel


Battle Network / EXE 3

The pinnacle of the series…

Perhaps one of my favorite games of all time, I did everything I possibly could in EXE 3. I still remember the timed battles in the Secret Area and the ridiculous Bass.EXE GS fight. This was the game that got most of my friends playing and when we began doing tournaments. This game also has the most must listen to music in the whole series. Most of it is just really good and while I’d like to say the whole soundtrack, there is at least 1/4ths of it that can be skipped. Still, get ready for a big list.

Worth Listening to:

  • Theme of Rockman EXE 3
  • Scientific Forefront
  • N1 Grand Prix
  • Wily Research Lab
  • Blind Mode
  • Save A Life
  • Final Transmission
  • Network is Spreading
  • Dangerous Black
  • Shine in the Dark
  • Shooting Enemy
  • Boss Battle
  • VS Proto
  • Great Battlers
  • Navi Customizer


Battle Network / EXE 4

Change isn’t necessarily for the best…

You could look at EXE 1-3 as a trilogy. You had a very big focus on Wily and the WWW and now it was time for Lan and MegaMan.EXE to move on. With a new villain, Capcom tried to change things up, especially with the music. While it wasn’t bad, it didn’t feel like EXE. The sounds that we heard in the first three games were changed up and sometimes it is hard for people to grasp change. EXE 4 itself was a good game and sometimes the music really resonated with the scenes but overall it left me a bit wanting.

Worth Listening to:

  • Invisible Wing
  • Cyber Battle
  • Battle Pressure
  • Fighting Oneself
  • Heel’s Parade
  • Under Justice
  • Save Our Planet
  • VS Duo


Battle Network / EXE 4.5

A side story with an injection of nostalgia…

Never released in the US, this side game for the series let players use Navis other than MegaMan.EXE. The music was pretty cool but other side of the Navi themes themselves, it was stale. Still, the themes were remakes of the original NES/SNES themes for the Robot Masters. Even Bass had his theme from Mega Man 7. It was fun to listen to thanks to the nostalgia.

Worth Listening to:

  • Theme of GutsMan
  • Theme of WoodMan
  • Theme of MetalMan
  • Theme of JunkMan
  • Theme of Blues
  • Theme of NapalmMan
  • Theme of KnightMan
  • Theme of Forte


Battle Network / EXE 5

Liberation on every front, except music…

Ahh, the return of the old sounds. Capcom tried with EXE 4 but almost immediately reverted back to the norm. Unfortunately, this is also the worst soundtrack in the series. You’ll find very little here to satiate your ears. The game was fun, especially thanks to the change up with the Liberation missions but it was hard to get too into the more crucial story parts thanks to the below average soundtrack.

Worth Listening to:

  • Seek A Cord
  • Liberate Mission
  • Powerful Enemy
  • Quest in the Water
  • VS Nebula Grey


Battle Network / EXE 6

A so-so finale for an amazing series…

Capcom found an ending for their series and while it wasn’t what the fans wanted to see, we had to live with it. EXE 6 was the finale game in the game but thankfully the music was pretty good to see us out the door. There were some new sounds in the music but they were coupled by the familiar sounds of the past.

Worth Listening To:

  • Theme of Rockman EXE 6
  • Central Town
  • Saiba Academy
  • Blast Speed
  • Surge of Power
  • Digital Strider
  • Danger Zone
  • The Count
  • Two of Braves
  • Decisive Battle, Cyber Beasts


And as promised, here is the link to the battle music from EXE 1 to EXE 6. This features the standard Virus battles, boss battles, any extra type of battle, and of course, the final battles. Enjoy!

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