Mega Man Week: Thank you, Capcom!

We still may have one day left in Mega Man week but that doesn’t mean we can’t thank our supporter already. We rushed the concept of the Theme Event, to be honest. It was brought up last Friday, planned on Saturday, and announced on Sunday. I had e-mailed Capcom to let them know about Mega Man being picked as our first Theme subject and they were happy to hear it. So happy in fact, that they sent us a big bag of swag to give out to the fans. For this support, Leviathyn wanted to send out a huge thank you to Capcom! They are very busy with Comic Con and managed to still make some time for us and we couldn’t be happier with the turn out.

This isn’t all about a thank you, though. This is a reflection. Mega Man is turning 25 soon. That is crazy. I started playing this franchise when I was four years old, back when I was given my dad’s NES. I was enthralled with it since then and haven’t stopped. I’m not the only one. With the amount of posts you have seen on here this week, there are a lot of fans on the staff of the Blue Bomber. We even made some new fans that took their first steps into the franchise with Mega Man 10.

Capcom has really expanded the franchise since just the classic series and we now have 7 series that house some sort of Mega Man character or one of the more popular character such as Zero. The franchise is legendary and although it has been quiet, Capcom has plenty to announce for the 25th. Until then, we have to wait and keep the Mega Man legacy going!

Before we hit the cool news, I have a question for everyone: What are you looking forward to from the Blue Bomber on his 25th birthday and beyond?

To help with that, Capcom gave us some goodies to give away and we have six contests going on right now. They are all live for 24 hours ending at 2pm EST tomorrow, the 14th. The links for each contest are below with the item they are for. Each thread has the rules and some notes. Good luck!


Contest #1: Comic Book Trade: “Let The Games Begin”

Contest #2: UDON Tribute Book

Contest #3: Mega Man Zero Collection

Contest #4: Servbot Bobble Budd

Contest #5: Mega Man 10 (360 codes)

Contest #6: Mega Man Air Fresheners