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Nine Characters That Need To Be In PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

Only a few months away from its October 23 release, it’s been rumored that we’ll learn about two more of the characters featured in Sony’s franchise brawler PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale this week at the game’s Comic-Con panel. Since the initial announcement lineup, we’ve seen Nathan Drake and Big Daddy unveiled at E3, and Heihachi and Toro announced last week in honor of the EVO fighting championships. So, who’s going to be added to the crew this week?

Oddly enough, there’s still a lot of awesome Sony characters out in the cold and awaiting announcement. Here are nine characters that need to have a spot on the roster.


Being both a great fighter and one of the most iconic of Final Fantasy characters, Cloud’s a definite shoe-in. He’s the first thing most imagine when they hear the words “Final Fantasy Seven,” and with a gigantic sword, he’s already got a leg up on the competition heading in to the arena.



While there may be some backroom licensing issues that may affect whether or not Crash could appear in the game, my inner ten-year-old would absolutely love to see the insane mammal spin his way in. He’s odd and quirky enough to totally fit in with the overall brawler vibe of Battle Royale, and he was once Sony’s standout mascot during a strange time in history, making him a more than obvious choice for the roster. Come back, Crash. We miss you.



He might currently be busy fighting off baddies with the rest of the Skylanders, but there was a time when Spyro was pushed to become another major character for Sony. He’s got the cute-but-deadly thing going on, and there’s a lot of potential for super attacks with him. Imagine his level 3, where he becomes something like a Skyrim dragon…only, you know, purple. It’d be awesome just the same.



While she might not be a Sony exclusive character, Lara Croft is no stranger to the PlayStation scene. She’d be a great addition to the platform, with her athletic abilities, martial arts skill, and expertise with guns. And other than Fat Princess, the ladies aren’t getting much love in the game with its current lineup.

On top of that, setting an arena in one of the temples she explores could be pretty awesome too.



It’s only a matter of time before Insomniac’s standout duo gets their announcement for Battle Royale, but as of right now, they’re still very much on the outside. The nice part about this character addition is that they almost have too much to offer in combat. Think of the weapons! Everything from bomb gloves to the suck cannon would be absolutely amazing to use when duking it out with the other characters. Make this happen, SuperBot!



Coming from one of the gentler PS Exclusives, Sackboy has the potential to be similar to Yoshi from Smash Bros. What if he could take on another character’s abilities and look? Besides, if Toro and PaRappa are in there, Sackboy more than deserves a spot next to them.



Being one of the more unique characters in the PS3 universe, Cole is a super-powered electricity machine who could dole out some serious damage in the arena. He’s got the whole normal-looking-guy vibe of Nathan Drake, only with about a million volts added in. Once again, imagine the super attacks. My goodness, the potential of these super attacks…



Coming from a background of battling demons, jumping into an arena with a motley crew of fighters wouldn’t even faze the revered Dante. Armed with both a massive blade and a gun, Dante’s got both the ranged and the melee covered, plus he’s more than proven his skill in combat with an amazing display of combo moves in past Devil May Cry entries. With his pedigree and devil-may-care (ha!) attitude, there’s no reason Dante should be left out.



As someone who fell in love with the Kingdom Hearts series, I’d love nothing more than to see the Keyblade make an appearance in the game as wielded by the only one who can do it justice. After battling rogue organizations and heartless across multiple Disney universes, it’s safe to say that Sora is more than adept at fighting, and he’d be a great fit within the roster.