Crystal Dynamics Reveals Tomb Raider’s Lead Writer

Rihanna Prattchet, who has worked on both Mirror’s Edge and Heavenly Sword, has been revealed as the lead writer of the Tomb Raider reboot Eurogamer reports.

Crystal Dynamics’ president Darell Gallagher said she had brought “depth and credibility” to the character of Lara.

“I grew up playing Tomb Raider, uncovering the world’s secrets and unearthing its treasures; I have lived and died as Lara Croft, but nothing comes close to the challenge of re-writing her,” Rihanna commented.

“Seldom do we get the opportunity to re-imagine and reinvent a legend, so getting my narrative hands on Miss Croft was a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. It was going back to the genesis of video game action heroines and exploring how to make such an iconic character meaningful and relatable for gamers today.”

“Rhianna has been working on the game with the narrative from its early inception.

“She has brought a unique perspective to the project and helped us explore the character origins of Lara Croft. There is no doubt that Rhianna has brought a depth and credibility to Lara, a heroine who will really connect with today’s gamers.”

Tomb Raider has been hit by controversy ever since executive producer Ron Rosenberg revealed that Lara would be the victim of an attempted rape. Crystal Dynamics consequently distenced itself from the comment saying Rosenberg had “misspoke” and that sexual assault does not feature.

Tomb Raider is scheduled to release on March 5th 2013 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.