Sony Sees Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade, Raises With PSN Play

For the second year in a row, the PlayStation Network will launch a four-pack of brand new games this summer with PSN Play, in direct competition with Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade.

The program kicks off on July 31st with The Expendables 2 (because how else should an epic sale kick off but with the most actiony action game around?), then follows with Sound Shapes on August 7th, Papo + Yo on August 14th, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on August 21st.

The event will also give refunds to players based on how many of these games they purchase. Buy two of the four and get $3 back, or buy all four and instantly get $10 back. Not bad, right?

Oh, and PS Plus members are going to pay 20% less for all four of these games, because Sony loves you.

Official PSN Play trailer below.  I’m definitely going with Papo + Yo, and Sound Shapes and CS:GO are intriguing, but what about you? Who’s buying what?