You Can Visit The Game of Thrones Minecraft Server Right Now

I’ve seen pictures of people making Winterfell or some of King’s Landing in Minecraft. I thought it was pretty cool. Then I found out about WesterosCraft and nearly crapped myself. If you thought that Lord of the Rings Minecraft conversion was awesome, check this out.

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones and have a Minecraft account, head on over to WesterosCraft’s website, grab the Texture Pack (100% needed) and get ready to see some amazing builds. I walked from Winterfell to King’s Landing just like Ned Stark did and I probably could have watched an episode of the show while doing it. Everything is just absolutely amazing. The Game of Thrones Minecraft server also has some fun things to do even if you’re a visitor (NOBUILD players). There is a scavenger hunt for those who have read the series, starting in the god’s wood in Winterfell. You’ll also see a huge map of warp locations like King’s Landing, Harrenhal, Castle Black, and tons more.

What are you waiting for? Get on the Game of Thrones Minecraft server with the link above and check this out!