Valve Announces Steam Greenlight

Gabe Newell and Valve, giving gamers more choice and a better voice since 2003.

2003 is when Steam first launched and since then it has grown to be the king of digital distribution and the prime source of all crying wallets. Valve announced today that a new feature will be coming to the platform in August called Steam Greenlight.

What is Steam Greenlight? It is a way to help developers know if they should pursue a game idea or not. Will it be fun? Does it sound cool? Would you play it? Now that decision is something regular Joe’s and Jane’s like us can help with.

Here is the official press release straight from Valve including a link to the website with more details.


Enlisting the community to help select new titles

July 9, 2012 — Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Portal, and Team Fortress) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source), today announced Steam Greenlight, a new platform feature that enlists the community’s help in selecting some of the next games to be released on Steam.

Steam Greenlight will allow developers and publishers to post information and media about their game in an effort to convince the Community that their game should be released on Steam. Greenlight piggybacks on Steam Workshop’s flexible system that organizes content and lets customers rate and leave feedback.

As well as serving as a clearing house for game submissions, Greenlight will provide an incredible level of added exposure for new games and an opportunity to connect directly with potential customers and fans.

“Making the call to publish or not publish a title isn’t fun,” said Anna Sweet, at Valve. “Many times opinions vary and our internal jury is hung on a decision. But with the introduction of the Steam Workshop we realized an opportunity to enlist the community’s help as we review certain titles and, hopefully, increase the volume and quality of creative submissions.”

Steam Greenlight will be released August 30.

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