SOE Details Game Update 16 for DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online keeps chugging along and Game Update #16 is coming soon. In an online discussion, which is common for the community team at DCUO, Meeps talks about the first details of the summer event and what is to come.

  • Summer event: Tides of War – Atlantean and Mutineer frigates will populate Metropolis’ waters in which a mystical time during the Atlantean calendar arises.
  • New Legends PvP Map: The Moon Base – Only available to DLC 4 and/or Legendary owners only.
  • New styles in vault.
  • Bludhaven Alert rebalanced.

The Tides of War event will bring with it new feats, collectibles, styles, consumables, alerts, and pets.

In other news, a membership sale for newcomers is on its way along with the Sizzling Summer Sale for the in-game SOE shop. Also, Game Update 17 will see rebalanced Mental and Gadget powers and new animations for those skill sets. Later on will see Fire and Ice get the same treatment.

Game Update 16’s Test run will be live on servers starting tomorrow. No news on any new powers but with the Atlanteans coming up you can put some money down on the new DLC introducing a Water skill set. Here are some pictures from DCUO’s official Facebook page.



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