Here’s a Huge Picture Depicting Mega Man History

It’s Mega Man appreciation week here on Leviathyn! To start us out, let’s roll down Nostalgia Lane and take a look at a HUGE picture showing every released game in the Blue Bomber’s franchise. It is crazy to think of how many titles came out dealing with Mega Man. If you click on the picture you’ll see it in full size and it is quite intimidating to go through it all. You’ll need some time.

Mega Man history is a fun thing to talk about. While this picture just gives you game art and a year, this Saturday we’ll be going over the timeline of events in the franchise. From Dr. Wily’s first creation all the way to Mega Man Trigger reaching Elysium. We’ll go through it all and attempt to fill in the blanks left there by Capcom. What happened between the Classic series and X? What happened after the Cyber Elf Wars? Who is Omega? These questions and more will be talked about and there will be plenty of speculation.

Until then, enjoy Mega Man history through his games and series.