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Download Daily – Minecraft Dynmap Plugin

Everyone or should I say everyone that’s into games should have at least heard about the indie game Minecraft. Well, if not, you should really come out from under the rock and go check that out! For the rest of us, the part that makes minecraft so great is the mods, and tons of them indeed. Once the great folks over at Mojang (mostly Notch and Jeb) released a stable enough version of Minecraft, the open source mods took over and took a simple game into something much greater. Many would even argue that the mods alone made minecraft into something entirely different and much bigger than the original idea (I would agree too).

But I’m here today on Download Daily to discuss one such mod for SMP (or more known as server side minecraft) called Dynmap. Installing this plugin on the bukkit platform really opens up the view of minecraft for the players on the world server. The map is created  and updated in real time, showing the locations of each player in the world and what their doing (building usually). There are even a few other add-on plugins to Dynmap that let you see monsters on the map around players in real time and another to show all the warps created.

This is a great plugin for a few reasons, one, it helps the players on the server help find each other and locations on the world. There is a map in game, but you have to make it and it’s limited to the scoop of where the person is standing. Second, the map shows off all the creations and locations of where people have been on the world and you really get a sense of direction in the game. And third, you get to see not only the main map, but nether and The End, all in a top down view or a more 3D view.

To install Dynmap, you’ll need the Bukkit plugin to give the mods API access to minecraft. While Bukkit is a beta build, the team have officially joined the Minecraft team and soon an official API will be launched. Once you have the bukkit mod installed on the server, you can drop in the Dynmap plugin in the plugins folder. The default port for seeing your maps is on 8123.

Download Dynmap here

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