What We Have Learned From Gaming.

The more you do something, the better you get. The more obsessive you become with doing that thing the more it begins to take over your life. If this thing that we are talking about is playing video games, then the more it begins to take over your life the harder it becomes to separate who you are in the real world and in the video game world. I doubt I am the only one that many times throughout the day has thought something like, “If I was such’n’such character in such’n’such game I would do (Choose action) right now”. We all wish we could utilize the skills we have acquired in our video games and, for better or for worse, we have convinced ourselves that we do have these skills.

But, there is something we overlook. Playing video games hour and hour upon end  has given us skills that may not be apparent. Some of them are real talents or skills we actually gained, and some are skills of experience we know we could apply to real life.

I have asked our staff to reflect on skills they feel they have gained positively from playing video games and skills that are negative…enjoy!


Good: Multitasking. I have been able to eat, drink, manage a baby, talk to my wife, and catch up with friends across the country while playing games.

Bad: Wasting time. I have become a master at spending 2 hours on a game and achieving nothing.


Good: Damn good reaction time.

Bad: procrastination…big time,


Good thing: high dexterity in hands and fingers. I can hold one gallon of milk with each FINGER, eight total (thumbs don’t count).

 Bad thing: Getting proper sleep has become a secondary goal to completing a section in a game, other than the reverse which it should be. I pulled zero all-nighters in college; I’ve pulled countless gaming all-nighters.

Good: I can actually multitask a lot better, thanks to playing video games. In addition, specifically referring to multiplayer, I’ve been able to be a better communicator and someone who can manage shyness a lot better than before.

Bad: I can become so focused on video games that nothing else matters, which can be pretty detrimental.


Good thing: I know how to survive an apocalypse.

Bad thing: every now and then, I look at someone and passively picture what they would look like if they were a zombie :/


Good: If I ever found myself developing magical abilities, I’d know what to do and I’d be good at it. (Hopes for Warlock powers!)

Bad: I expect coins, hearts, life points or other prizes to drop out of things I break for a split second after whatever accident befalls them. Am always disappointed when they don’t.


Good thing: Incredible patience, utilized when grinding in an RPG or MMO

Bad thing: Incredible impatience for things that do not grab my attention like a good game will.


Good thing: I would be a cold blooded and efficient killer if it ever came to defending my flag (battlefield conquest reference)

Bad Thing: I may or may not expect a respawn after death…


Good thing: Finger dexterity, an acute awareness of pattern recognition,
and I’ve gained a tangible sense of my worth as a human being and the
knowledge that every

Bad thing:  I now expect every salesman to buy back anything I want him
too, and I’ve been fed incorrect knowledge that ever living creature
carries at least a small amount of gold.


Good: Quicker Reaction Time.From playing a plethora of FPSs and dealing with several quick time events, my reaction time and reflexes have become significantly faster.

Bad: Ability to ignore my surroundings. This may not sound like a bad thing, but I tend to neglect some of the more pressing matters (like paying attention to my girlfriend).

Any of these you particularly like? How about your own skills?