Trailer Breakdown: Resident Evil 6

The sixth part of the legendary Resident Evil series, Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 is the highly-anticipated upcoming zombie apocalypse game looking to take the series to an entirely new size and scope. With multiple story lines, some of the franchise’s biggest characters, and a look to return to the horror roots that made the series so successful, players are gearing up to return to stop the havoc unleashed by nightmarish viruses and bloodthirsty zombies.

A playable demo was opened this week to all those who purchased Capcom’s RPG Dragon’s Dogma. In honor of the demo and it’s upcoming release, we take a look at the E3 trailer for Resident Evil 6 and share our thoughts on the footage and what we hope to see from the game. Look for Resident Evil 6 on October 2.


There is a great emphasis on elements common to film. For instance, characters are placed in situations where their emotions are put to the test. The initial scene in the trailer is another example of the latter for its emotional and physical intensity. Not too often do you see video game characters brought to this level of realism.

Furthermore, a great investment is placed in cinematic scenes that capture many set-pieces common to action films. I mean, we’ve seen it all before: helicopter explosions and the like. However, Resident Evil 6 seems to have the potential to mold an action film within the setting of a zombie apocalypse – exactly what fans have been clamoring for.


 Wow, there is a lot of action going on in that short video.  I love the new cinematic look of the game, with the emphasis Capcom has seemingly put on set pieces.  Some of the events, while looking heavily scripted, appear very intense and chaotic, something any good zombie game needs.

I like the way the cover-based aspect seems improved, and I’m so happy I will finally be able to move and shoot simultaneously in a Resident Evil game.  I’m (as always) a little confused about what’s actually going on, but the gameplay appears to be spot-on.  I really liked the scene of Chris and Leon pointing guns at each other.  I’m sure they’ll resolve whatever is going on, but it adds a touch of much needed human drama.



 One of the coolest parts of the upcoming RE6 is the fact that it is weaving together multiple storylines and bringing in some of the highest-profile characters in the franchise. Add that in with a long and intricately-woven story, and RE6 is looking to be one of the biggest and most exciting titles yet.

One of my biggest concerns, however, is that they will once again go down the action-driven route that was RE5. Capcom has addressed these concerns, saying that they think a more action-driven game will sell better, but they still want to go back to the roots that made Resident Evil such a standout in the survival horror genre. Developers have teased that they plan to find a happy medium in this by sticking to different story lines with different characters, applying conventions that will be separate from other campaigns. Chris’ story will be the more shoot-em-up, action-driven campaign, while Leon’s will go back to the creepy, atmospheric and chilling zombie horror feel that it once was. Hopefully RE6 pulls it off as brilliantly and as terrifying as it did in the original Resident Evil, making this one of the standout titles in the franchise.