Keep Celebrities Out Of My Games!

When playing video games I generally hope to escape from the commonality of my everyday life and enjoy the plots, characters, art, and game play of the game. This is easily ruined, and annoying, when a celebrity is showcased in a game. Thankfully, there have not been many cases of this occurring and the ones that have happened have been horrible, but the forthcoming Beyond: Two Souls has me worried. The upcoming title so far appears to be beautiful, unique, and incredibly intriguing. Yet, the main character essentially is Ellen Page. I would like to put forth right now, I have no interest to ever play a video game as a celebrity. Sorry Vin Diesel, 50 Cent, and Ellen Page, but I don’t want to be you, ever. I want to be the originally invented characters, or those from my favorite fictional escapes such as comic book characters.

I don’t understand the purpose of using celebrities as main characters. We have many amazing celebrities such as Ron Perlman and Gary Oldman who do voice acting in games and never draw attention to that fact. But, even with those two amazing examples of great actors, I would never want a game in which I play as either of them. It is very difficult for me to block my eyes from the glare of the Hollywood elite stepping down from their glamorous lives to be in a video game. We like to tell ourselves that maybe the specific celebrity (Ellen Page) is just “cool like that”, but all I see are dollar signs in their eyes.

If Beyond: Two Souls becomes a great game, and I do expect it to, what comes after? Will we see a new genre of games all made with starring celebrities? Would this prove to be the new cash-cow in the gaming industry? Will celebrities begin to allow their likeness for any game as a new way of public representation and promotion? I would assume so.

So, please, if this does happen (and lets wait until Beyond: Two Souls is released) lets fight against this. Should we see celebrities names plaguing our beloved video games, I want us all to step up and shut it down.

End the potential spread of celebrity ego before it ruins us all. Video games are escapes from celebrity gossip, television, reality shows, and general stupid obsessions that lead to empty gossip. Fight back.


Who among you will join this fight? Does anyone like the idea of celebrity starring roles in video game titles?