Introducing Leviathyn’s Theme Events – First Up: Mega Man

As gamers we all have that individual game or series that stands out to us as a significant part of our gaming lives. Since 1987, Capcom’s Blue Bomber has been that iconic presence for many gamers. It is fitting that we announce Mega Man as the first Theme Event on our website.

Starting tomorrow, June 9th, we will be dedicating the entire week to Rock and all of his friends and enemies. Join us as we go through the history of one of Capcom’s greatest stars and relive some fond memories from every series. You’ll see articles about the games themselves, characters, music, and much more.

With this being our first Theme Event, it is largely a test to see how best to run these. We’ll be trying out many different things and we hope you’ll let us know how it goes.

Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary is coming up and with so many on the staff being fans, there was no better iconic character to start off with. We’ll begin the Theme Event tomorrow at 10am EST and it will run until Sunday the 15th at 10pm EST.

Hope Rides Alone!