Everyone Wants A Life-Sized Assassin’s Creed Statue, Right?

Well now you have a chance to get just that. Ubisoft are producing a six foot six inches tall statue of Assassin’s Creed 3’s protagonist Connor Kenway less commonly known as Ratonhnhakéton.

Fans can pick up a $40 version of Connor’s tomahawk, the weapon is notable in that the blade is designed in the shape of the Assassin ‘A’. The handle of the prop is made of crafted wood and faux leather grips.

Wannabe Assassin’s can also fork out another $40 for Altair’s hidden blade though don’t be too disappointed that it’s made out of plastic.

If that’s not enough for you you can also pick up a life size statue of Connor from Amazon coming in at two meters tall. The statue comes equipped with the bow and arrow Connor’s been seen with in many of the trailers for the game though a price has not been announced.

You’ll probably want to clear some space in your bank account and your living room.

Source: gamenguide