Is SuckerPunch Working On A New IP?

A GIF file released on NeoGAF seems to suggest that PlayStation first party studio SuckerPunch may be making an entirely new franchise or a radically different version of inFamous.

SuckerPunch, the developers of the original SlyCooper trilogy, released inFamous 2 last year. As anyone who has played the the game would know it’s endings were significantly different and it would be difficult to tie the outcomes together in a sequel.

This likely hints at a new IP or a departure from the inFamous universe as we know it; possibly in a similar fashion to the route being taken by Irrational Games’ upcoming Bioshock Infinite.

Would you like to see the inFamous franchise continue or would you prefer SuckerPunch to develop a new series? You can see an image taken from the file below.

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