You Snooze, You Lose: Final Fantasy XIV’s Legacy Program is Closed

Excited about Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming 2.0 relaunch? Well, you still should be. However, if you were hoping to experience everything possible in the just about brand new MMO, you missed your window. Square-Enix was holding a program to give veteran and recent players of Final Fantasy XIV some bonuses. The Legacy program would distinguish you amongst the sea of new players as someone who either toughened it out through the beginning or those who joined up after some fixes.

Legacy status is really nice, actually. Not only do you get some in-game incentives, but you also get a lifelong discount on subscription plans. In fact, Legacy players only have to play $9.99 (which is cheaper than the two normal plans) to get eight characters get server, up to forty total. Legacy players also get a free Chocobo mount exclusive to these members. Also, if you’re a Legacy member now or subscribed/reactivated in time, you should play through the story and current end game content to unlock items for 2.0 that new relaunch players won’t have a chance to obtain.

So why is Legacy closed? You need to have at least three months of subscribed and paid time on your account before the end of September 2012. This is when the proposed beta for 2.0 will begin. If you subscribed before July began, you’re good to go. If you’re in my position and reactivated your account on July 1st, you may want to e-mail Square-Enix support. I have and am awaiting a reply. Hopefully I don’t miss out because of one day. However, deadlines are deadlines and I can’t see Square-Enix being very lenient for any dates past that. Unless the beta is delayed, you’ll find yourselves locked out of Legacy status.

Still, the upcoming 2.0 relaunch of XIV is looking amazing and although most of you won’t get the above exclusive features, you can look forward to seeing Square-Enix’s hard work and dedication coming to life later this year for the PC and, finally, the PS3.

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  1. Cameron Bruce

    This is incorrect. If you pay for a 90-day membership you will get the email confirming you are a Legacy member the next day. It is not too late until they remove that 90-day option and if they don’t, then you’ve got until the day before 2.0 launch.

    • Ron Hoffecker

      They have already removed the 90-day option as of July 1st. Also, a Square-Enix rep said that you have until the end of September 2012 to get your 3 months of paid service in. Which means unless you reactivated and began paying on June 30th, you cannot receive Legacy UNLESS they push back the date of the beta (October).

      I’m just going by what Square-Enix has said.

  2. Dafishies

    People are forgetting you only need to PAY for 3 months, not actually go through a whole 3 months. So as long as you pay the 3rd month before the end of September, you should be good to go. I restarted my sub july 7th, so around August 6th I’ll start he 2nd month, and around September 5th I’ll of paid for all 3. Hence before the end of September. This is what I was told at least.

    New players can’t get legacy after May 31st because you need to take in account the free 30 day trial. But people who have already played their trial still have a chance.

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