What Do You Want From the Next Generation?


I want a next-gen system that makes sense. If a company is going to produce a new system, it needs to be radically improved in every way: graphics, processing speed, etc. It also needs to be a design that has been tested to perfection. The last thing any company wants is a Red Ring-Esque scenario.

Basically, I want a well-oiled machine that is an obvious improvement over its predecessor. I want to be forced to feel like I need that console. I don’t want to say “eh, not that different, I’m cool.” Not a lot to ask, really.


Forget the technology. Forget the tablets, the glasses, the touch screens, and the motion controls. I don’t care if my console becomes a one-stop media hub. You know what I want? Damn good games. I want new IPs that absolutely amaze and blow me away. I want new titles that not only innovate, but challenge the basis our genres are set upon. I want something along the lines of a Halo or an Uncharted to come and change everything we thought we knew about storytelling and gameplay. I want new experiences, new worlds to explore, new stories to take part in. Sure, new technology is interesting, and if it adds to the experience in a positive way, then I’m all for it. But more than anything, I want games that will take the power of the next gen console and harness them in a way that changes the industry.


It is understood that a console based solely on downloadable titles is not too far off, however, you can hope, right?

From the next generation of consoles, I want three SKU’s (one for each console manufacturer) that serve all purposes of entertainment to the fullest extent. If Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo simply built on what they have cultivated in the current generation then I’ll be a happy camper. In addition, I’d prefer if the launch line-ups of the three consoles included an all-star cast of first party titles and a wide range of choices in terms of what gamers can play within the first year of each console’s duration. If the big three can get these all down, then I will have nothing to complain about.