Top 5 Total War Games

With Total War: Rome II announced this week it’s time for this list. The sequel to a great game and a great series deserves some recognition. So here’s a top five Total War games to celebrate.

5. Napoleon: Total War

The idea of Napoleon Total War was a cool one. But it wasn’t delivered as well as hoped. Napoleon Total War was a lot like Empire Total War, except on a smaller map. It’s battle scenarios were really cool and fun, but the entire game felt too linear. It was like the Alexander expansion package to Rome Total War. And while overall I’ll still always love Napoleon Total War, it’s starting this list at the bottom.

4. Empire: Total War

Empire Total War really blew the map up. For the first time in a Total War game we had different theatres to play in. India, Europe, and the Americas were all available for colonization. I especially liked this game because of the introduction of the technology tree and more specialized buildings. But while it was a great strategy game, it didn’t have the heart of a true Total War game. Empire Total War was close, but couldn’t make the top three.

3. Total War: Shogun II

The great thing about the Total War series is that each game brings something different to the table. They all take place in different settings, in different time periods, with different and new features and mechanics. Shogun II is a great example. Taking place in feudal Japan is a much different setting than Rome, Medieval Europe, and Napoleon’s reign. But it has some cool elements that weren’t seen in the other games. If it came out earlier, it might be higher on my list, but the top two I’ve played way too much to replace.

2. Medieval II: Total War

I probably played more of Medieval Total War II than any other Total War game. It’s world map was large enough to incorporate lots of fun countries to play as. I still can’t decide if it was more fun to play as a Catholic nation and call Crusades, or if it was more fun to play as an Islamic nation and have the ability to call for Jihads. Either way Medieval II: Total War was the perfect balance of video game mechanics and a great sequel to my favorite Total War game… Which is:

1. Rome: Total War

Definatly the best of the series. Rome Total War was an excellently designed game. Why is it number 1 on the list? Because it was so much fun to play as the Romans, defeating enemies while competing with the other houses for leadership of the Vatican. The Pope sent you on excellent missions. And if you weren’t the Romans it was still a blast. Every country had a good number of heroes, and a unique spread of specialized units. This was the first game in the Total War series that really sold well and set the standard for what a Total War game was.  It’s giving us all high hopes for Total War: Rome II.