Properties That Should Be Turned Into Video Games, and Who Should Make Them

I love an original IP as much as the next guy, but it’s always nice to see a loved movie or book turned into a good game.  Of course, just because the original idea is great doesn’t mean that it can automatically be turned into a critical darling.  Batman is a great example of how to do it.  Superman 64 is a great example how not to.

In that spirit, here are five properties from other media I would like to see turned into (hopefully good) games.  Going a step further, I also brainstormed the developers I would ideally like to work on them.  They may never happen, but here they are:

“The Dark Tower”-BioWare:  If any intellectual property deserves a game, it has to be Stephen King’s fantasy epic The Dark Tower.  BioWare has already shown they excel at cinematically telling one man’s story with Mass Effect, and applying those lessons to Roland of Gilead sounds like the perfect match-up.  Being a gunslinger is an incredibly awesome-sounding proposition, and with a crew of awesome party members built right into the fiction.

However, the heart of the Dark Tower series is the incredible story contained within.  After seeing how BioWare effortlessly handled the Star Wars property, I can’t imagine them making anything less than a masterpiece if they had The Gunslinger to work with.  Stephen King has had a history of defending video games in the past, so a Dark Tower video game is very much a possibility…someday.

“Hunger Games”-Naughty Dog:  While I’m not the just the biggest fan of The Hunger Games books, the core idea of a dozen teenagers brutally murdering each other could be turned into a great game.  Just imagine an open world game populated by only you, and the handful of people out to kill you.  The trick is finding a developer who can handle both the story and gameplay mechanics, and Naughty Dog is the team to do it.

No ideas here on how they should handle it, but I wouldn’t want to see a remake of the books or movies.  An original plot set within the Hunger Games world, written by the great team at Naughty Dog, could have a chance at being really good.  There is absolutely no chance Naughty Dog would do it, so, if we do ever see a Hunger Games game, I’m doubt it will move beyond the standard licensed games fare.

“House”-Telltale Games:  The adventure genre is very much alive and kicking, and a lot of that is due to the valiant efforts of Telltale Games.  They have handled properties such as Back to the Future and The Walking Dead, but I would like to see a medical adventure game, one with ripe characters, a good sense of humor and an intelligent design.  Enter House, a marquee character that you could totally wrap a series around.

Every episode these people are exploring someone’s house, looking for the clue to some medical mystery.  It’s perfect!  Of course getting Hugh Laurie on board would be necessary, because a fake House would not work at all, but just imagining trying to solve puzzles while House barks sarcastic put-downs has me excited in a masochistic sort of way.  Not sure about the likelihood of this one, but I need some House in my video game life.

“Archer”-Valve:  I’d love to see a great Family Guy game, and I’m really excited about the upcoming South Park RPG, but if there is one cartoon I would love to see turned into a game, it would be Archer.  It presents the perfect blend of action, stealth and humor for a great game.  And who would I trust to deftly mix those elements into a winner?  The best company making games today: Valve.  Not only do they have the cachet to reel in the actual voice actors, and possibly the show’s assets, they have the development chops to really make this work.

It makes me giddy thinking about what Valve could do with such an awesome property.  H. Jon Benjamin is one of the funniest guys walking around the planet right now, and the thought of him collaborating with Vavle is probably too good to be true.  But hey, a guy can dream right?  It’s not like Half-Life 3 is coming anytime soon.


Are there any properties you would like to see turned into games, or companies you would like to see design them?  Drop a line with your thoughts.